Saturday, June 13, 2009

Current Obsession

bam bam kn anak i? after her 1-month check up dat day, she has gained quite a weight. nw dh 4kg... yeayyy!!! cant get enuff of you la lil sweetheart.. hee.. my blog nw is flooded w this lil precious one's faces n stories. so sape yg boring tu, tak usah la bazir waktu di sini... well for me, this is the most exciting thing in my life... n my current obsession!

p/s: well, excited jugak about our phuket trip this july... zati, mizah, jaja, asuer, fathiyyah, wehh mane korg?? we need to meet up n discuzz... :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congratulations Mizah & Apai

5th June 09. this lovely lady finally tied the knot w her steady boyfren, apai. alhamdulillah smpai jugak ke jinjang pelamin setelah bercinta since.. umm forever. im so so so happy for you, mizah!!! (both of them adalah ex-smkj3 juga)
thnk God i managed to come to the akad nikah ceremony. tinggal baby dgn daddy kjap mlm tu ;) congrats dear mizah!
selamat menempuh alam rumahtangge yg exciting and of course challenging.
jadilah isteri yg solehah! luv ya dear :)
happy honeymoon!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

happy one month old!

hari ni genap la sebulan umur babyzara.
d baby's corner yg mommy & daddy prepare b4 babyzara lahir.
it's all yours darling. do whatever u want w it.
haih. she doesnt fancy d crib much! i mean, yet. but the musical mobile is a huge help to dodoi d baby.
worth buying! ahuks!

babyzara mesmerized by the twinkling lights...

so, babyzara's saying goodbye to her mini-crib! hee. no really. b4 this tdo in d mini crib kt katil mommy & daddy in d guest room aka temporary confinement room. d mini crib masih dgunekn while kami lepak2 kt livingroom, n for traveling as well. now kami sume dh berpindah ke bilik sendiri. yeeayy!!! it's good to be home. :)

mini crib yg best. no more nights w u!

yeay.. im getting bigger n bigger!!!

since i dh gian sgt to go out, the 1-month baby jd alasan for us to go out n celebrate. pg alamanda je... bwk babyzara jln2. early dner kt kenny rogers... n some shopping for d baby (tak habes2). huby said,"dh ade baby ni, setiap kali pg alamanda kene masuk mothercare la eyy??" hahaha. yes, huby, yes!! ;P so darling, ur first mall visit was alamanda, okie! sorry, dis is d nearest, tak dpt pg jauh2 n mall yg lebih voguedvass spt pavillion/gardens/OU.. some day, k! mommy stil dlm pntang (la sgt!).. huhuhu.

wajah teruja huby bwk kuar anak for the first tym...

babyzara titon, tak excited pn g alamanda ;P

till then, bye!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

BabyZara's Party

erm.. also known as.. kenduri aqiqah & cukur rambut day for babyzara. it was a simple one, buat kecil2an je... just to penuhi sunnah nabi, that is; aqiqah seekor kambing for anak perempuan.. and cukur rambut :) was held on 30th may (babyzara's 21-day old).. thnx to all guest yg dtg.. n sorry to those yg i tak sempat nk jemput. well, i love love love having visitors, especially now! tersgt la boring duk kt umah ni sorg2, eventhou w babyzara around, i am practically occupied most of the tym.. rase teruje if ade visitors! :) so, sesape yg nk dtg visit, juz gimme a call! i'll prepare sirap bandung for u. hihi. but no kambing left, sorry! heh!
alrite now, juz received some photos from ady who brought her new SLR the other day. hehe. thnx babe! tuan rumah mmg tak sempat nk usik our own camera. so here goes;

me n dila.

with 4percent of the guest... :)

babyzara's hot auntiezz!

and finally the first family photo ever! thnx ady. hee~ asek amek gmbr babyzara smpai lupe nk amek family photo. we shud plan a portraiture kn huby kn? ;)


n yeah, yg diraikan our permata hati babyzara w her new hairstyle ;P

love, xoxo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the first challenge

breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding!

huhu. i thought the biggest challenge was to "give birth", the truth is, i cried even more during BF. i hav a super duper sensitive nipple i guess... and mayb tym awal2 tu babyzara n i were still learning to BF properly.. first 2 days, mmg susu tak byk.. bt i read dat, it's fine bcuz baby mmg boleh survive w/out it in her early days. colostrum pn dh cukup. masuk 3rd day, susu dah mule byk.. mule2, my "lefty" ade crack.. mmg sakit sgt tp ketap bibir, sumbat je.. lepas dh abes BF from my lefty, i tgk darah kt mulut zara... huwaaa.. anak aku dh terisap darah...rupenye ade luka jugakk.. nasibaik takde nanah. huuuu.. syian sgt die... then tak berani dh nk bg my lefty.. and asek2 bg my righty... okey dh engorge plak my lefty.... sakettt.. dgn ade luka, n crack, pastu bengkak pulak.... mak bidan ckp, kene BF jugak, its ok for baby to telan d blood.. huhu. tak sanggup nk kasik plus sakit nk matiiii... tym jmpe paed, i told her my prob, die ckp try perah je.. kalau biar nti lg teruk... huby planned to buy a breastpump for me tym i dh masuk keje nti... tp terpakse batalkn niat n beli skrg.. huby beli medela mini electric.. memule, awkward je rase nk gune.. tp dh lame2 best pulak.. hihi. ni kalau takde soreness n cracks la.. bcuz nk ikut ckp paed... i tried to pump my sore n cracked lefty... ya Allah.. bukan susu je yg memancut, tp darah jugaaaaaaaaaa.. tgk kt dlm bottle mmg susu darah kaler merah,... huu... juz thinking about it can make me sick, apetah pula, melihatnye depan mate.. eee... sakit sgt.. i asked a few friends yg fortunately takde problem mase awal2 BF.. jelesnye... mmg i read dat the level of soreness varies for every mom depending on their nipple sensitivity. y? y? y very sensitive? huhu. or mayb sebab tak latch properly, or mayb d nipple is too small n etc. bt i dun hv other problems. mmg my nipple sgt sensitive. dats it :( sedih bcuz i mmg dh niat dr awal lagi, b4 mengandung lg (huhu, over!), i really really really want to exclusively BF my baby :( tp bak kate cfah, takpe, penghapus dosa. tahan je la :( so gune breastpump pn tak menjadi.. last2, perah gune tangan jer... haaa.. baru berhasil.. d darah tak kuar, juz d milk.. tp sgt la letih sbb lame... huhu... redha je la, asalkn tak bazir susu tu. so all in all, about 3 weeks plus la, i've been battling w d pain.. gilir2 luka dtg dan pergi for lefty n righty... bagus juga beli breastpump awal2.. i think mmg spatutnye beli awal.. huhu. so for first timers, sile beli beastpump awal2!! :) nw my breastmilk is being pumped every 2-3 hours if baby still tido... tamau bazir susu.. n i did store them in the fridge.. utk emergency.. while having visitors ke... kene kluar kejap ke... bik nelly boleh tlg bottlefeed zara... so dats about it. i was close to giving up. bt alhamdulillah, by having a good n positive support system; my family n friends (whoever u are), things are getting better now. thnks a bunch! insyaAllah. i thnk i'm ready to face the future. tym baby dh ade gigi lagi dahsat, they say.. warghhh... anyway, i survived my first challenge. :) sbb tu boleh cerite.. kalau tak.... nangis.... mcm i pulak baby. huhu. sorry huby.. and thanx for being very2 supportive. love love love you. bak kate jams yg dipetik dr wonderpets.. ape yg penting... KERJASAME!!! hahahha. (lame)

okey sekian terima kasih. assalamualaikum.
lu pikir la sendiri :P