Thursday, February 28, 2008

luv sucks BIG time!

i was having a nite from hell.. yah, i might b exaggerating bcuz i never noe how it feels like being in hell and... na├║zubillah, i never ever wanted to... but... as far as i noe... this is a total earth's hell... better not talk about it... im so sooo pissed-off... okey... so this is for you who hurt me so much... for you who made my whole body felt cold.. for you who made my bones went crunching and and aching... for you who let my joints went crushingg.... for you who let my heart torn into small pieces...

"4 In The Morning"
Waking up to find another day
The moon got lost again last night
But now the sun has finally had its say
I guess I feel alright
But it hurts when I think
When I let it sink in
It's all over me
I'm lying here in the dark
I'm watching you sleep, it hurts a lot
& all I know is
You've got to give me everything
Nothing less cause
You know I give you all of me
I give you everything that I am
I'm handin' over everything that I've got
Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don't ever wanna have to go & give you up
Stay up till Four In The Morning & the tears are pouring
& I want to make it worth the fight
What have we been doing for all this time?
Baby if we're gonna do it, come on do it right
All I wanted was to know I'm safe
Don't want to lose the love I've found
Remember when you said that you would change
Don't let me down
It's not fair how you are
I can't be complete, can you give me more?
& all I know is
You got to give me everything
& nothing less cause
You know I give you all of me
I give you everything that I am
I'm handin' over everything that I've got
Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don't ever wanna have to go & give you up
Stay up till Four In The Morning & the tears are pouring
& I want to make it worth the fight
What have we been doing for all this time?
Baby if we're gonna do it, come on do it right
Oh please, you know what I need
Save all your love up for me
We can't escape the love
Give me everything that you have
& all I know is
You got to give me everything
& nothing less cause
You know I give you all of me
I give you everything that I am
I'm handin' over everything that I've got
Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don't ever wanna have to go & give you up
Stay up till Four In The Morning & the tears are pouring
& I want to make it worth the fight
What have we been doing for all this time?
Baby if we're gonna do it, come on do it right
(Give you everything)(Give you all of me)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

see you me you too

yesterday.... i really felt like seeing megat in klang... nak nak naaaakkk sangat... bt i hv to pick mama up at stadium upm... badminton la, ape lagi.... one thing about my mum, she has all the stamina in the world eventhou she aged 50. she's been involving in all these sports organized by upm... badminton, bowling, netball n etcetra... im proud to be her daughter... hehe.. =) okey, soo tak dpt la pg klang... bcuz amek mama at 6.45pm... sorry sayang... i noe.. u want me to come bile u tau i blk awal... u kept giving me hints... huhu... ;P i planned to watch him playing futsal this afternoon, but.... to my shocking, he said he'll come to meet me in sg merab tomorrow... yaaayyy!! ;) so, im heading to the pool after work... skin dippinn'.... with a happy heart =)

shit happens!

yesterday, i went home early, bcuz.. bleh plak the whole seri kembangan blackout... so without the computer, internet connection, lampu, aircond n all... nothing can be done at the office... so like 4pm i dh sampai umah... b4 laying off my butt at the sofa.., i grabbed a slice of gardenia bread from d kitchen... n sambil2 tgk channel e! at that time tgh layan '25 Most Stylish'... kekaguman melihat nicole kidman at number 1, i didnt even look at the bread i was eating.... until dah tinggal quarter of it, owh my goodness, ade moles kt ujung2 roti tuu!!!!... oh my.. my.. i rase dah tertelan moles secare banyaaaaaak... eeee!!! then... wahwah... i visited the toilet for like 3 times... juz petang tu je... gile, kn?? huhu... moral of the story.... WATCH WHAT YOU EAT AND DONT BE A COUCH POTATO!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

love booster,,

lastnite... we (me n my bf) had a looong chit chat on the phone... smpai nk tertido2... haha.. (him.. him.. ;P) we talked about stuffs... yah, i miss him so.. i've said this in my previous post, rite? hm.. bt we aint seeing each other yet! padahal xdela jauh sgt... hm, i wonder! ;) so during our telecon, for the first time in my whole relationship w him, i really felt touched w d words coming out from his mouth... he does miss me soo bad! he said, "my monday seems soo gloomy without seeing you on the weeknds... mcm takde semangat je nk buat kerje..." wow! i dnt noe y... i rase sebak hearing him saying dat...and all... i dnt noe y, i juz felt that thr's a kiddy part of him needing really caress him... i can still feel the sweetness in his voice tone.. n dat makes me adore him more n more.. well, honestly, its not easy to make him confess what's he's feeling inside... i noe him... he's such a manly man,,, ape pun pretend to be cool.. bt somehow mayb dah rindu sgt kot... ;P and mayb bcuz it was apparently our first time not meeting up during the weeknds. dat's y.. hm.. thank you sayang... dat's a total love booster for me!! im dying here, missing you.. and glad 2 noe dat u miss me too...

peace of mind

Leisure.. leisure... leisure... hm.. mum and i r in need of leisure... yesterday after work, we attended fat zap class.. eventho smpai like 10mins late, thank God, we completed the class succesfully!! wuuhuhu.. bt stil need to catch up w the steps.. the instructor's movement was like.. very2 fast... very!! hm... after one and a half hour of working out, here comes the leisure part... We went for steam bath and sauna... it really helps me to kick back and unwind... a perrfect place to find a peace of mind, relaxation and contentment... what does sauna really do to my body? i found out...
  • my heart rate increases by 50-75%, the heat causes my blood vessels to expand to accommodate increased blood flow, and at the same time my cardiac load increases which is the equivalent to a brisk walk... wowie! yah... it provides the same metabolic result as physical exercise..
  • my blood vessels become flexible, blood flow to my skin increases to as high as 50-70% of cardiac output (compared to the standard 5-10%). and..... this brings nutrients to subcutaneous and surface tissue... resulting >>>> a glowing healthy skin!!! coolio!!!
  • it comprehensively cleans off my skin and my sweat glands... profuse sweating enhances the detoxifying capacity of my skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from my body.. gewdd haih?!
  • my skin temperature rises to 40 degree celcius, and my internal body temp. rises to about 38 degree... creating an artificial fever state,, which is part of body's natural healing process... fever stimulates my immune system resulting in increased production of disease fighting white blood cells, antibodies and interferon (an anti viral protein with cancer fighting capability).. ok great!!
  • it loosen my fatty tissue and assist in the battle against cellulite... (this is absolutely what i want!!!)

okey.. so those are the major benefits of steam bath and sauna... cool kn?? bt i read sumwer that its not good to steam bath or sauna very frequent. i think im gona do it like once a week... okey la kot kn... oh oh,.. n some more benefits;

  • Relief from the pain and stiffness of arthritis.
  • Steam is an excellent treatment for respiratory problems, such as; chest congestion, bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.
  • Revives tired and strained muscles after physical exertion.
  • The cleansing effect of profuse perspiration helps provide healthy skin and a clear complexion.

alryte... dat's it.. hm, mama was eager to noe where to buy the sauna set.. so she asked the owner of the spa.. bang! she got it.. a company selling all spa equipments located in cheras.. Magic Boo Beauty.. she's planning to hav one at home kot... i wonder, ma ni btul ke??! it wil cost like almost 10k or mayb more.. depending on the size n custom settings for the sauna set la.. if mama beli, dat wil b so so great... takyah la susah2 drive to the spa houz lagi.. kn ma kn?! hm, tp lmbt lagi kot, so for now, stil we wil b visiting the same spa houz.. which is cool enuff dh pn..

so this is how i deal with my daily stress... alwayz, with a smile on my face and a spring in my steps...2 my dearest luvly galfrenzz, cant wait to see u guys...........n let's get sweaty baybehhh!!!! Muahx!

Monday, February 25, 2008

monday blues~

yeah, monday blues~ i juz got back from a meeting w one of my company's biggest client ; Alstom Power. hm, hm, evrythng was good. They introduced us their new upgraded TLA software, and we need to use the new system for all d ongoing n upcoming projects w alstom... i better get familiar w it... weuhuhu... my colleague, joyce said that the previous one is much much easier.. bt then the rep from alstom, mr. jasmin said that this upgraded version is more user friendly.. it juz takes time for us to get used to it... yah, i think so too =) after the meeting, we went out for lunch at this japanese restaurant... a famous one named Rakuzen.. heard of it b4? it was my 2nd time thr... last time i didnt go for raw foods... bt jz now, i did... waaaa... i didnt fancy the food at all... felt like throwing up.. bt i kept my cool as all the big2 ppl were there... njoying d food... bt i luv the japanese tea... good2.. so nw im indulging myself w healthy stuffs... yeah,... ;)

okey, okey, enuff bout work... so what happened during the weeknd..?? hm... my bf's granddad passed away last friday, so he went back to sg. petani.. al-Fatihah... a couple of weeks ago, his grandmum took her last breath in tanah suci mekah... mcm berturut plak... innalillahi wainna ilaihi raji├║n... semoge mereka termasuk dlm golongan org2 yg beriman... ameen...

kind of dh lame tak berbual w my bf.. due to his downs, so mcm tak sempat lagi 2 really hav a gud chit chat w him... im letting him 2 settle down things first, his emotions n all... n targeting for the nex weeknd 2 meet him up.. to be honest, i miss him soooo bad.. bt i noe, i need 2 b very2 understanding in dis condition... im trying so hard.. u noe, since i started working, we never missed a weeknd date b4... huhu.. dnt wory sayang, i can handle this.. =) so what did i do...?? yahh... yahh... the best thing to do is....2 get spoilt...!!!!! =) went for body massage w mum n nuha... it was mum's treat... thnx mama... was such a relaxing weeknd... thou, still i do missed him a lot... n still missing him now... juz cant wait to see him... okey.. so this is my photo, b4 d massage... ;)

Friday, February 22, 2008

sweet like chocolate....yeah!!

hey~ oh goshhh! 2day's workloaddd is killing me... i cant focus on a thing!! help...!!!! huhu... thank God ade chocolate penghibur hati i... been eating this huuuuuge cadbury dairy milk choc bar since monday... wowieee!! okey so i managed to finish the chocolate bar in five days... gempak occccaaaayy!!! mayb my ofismate, natrah ade amek dlm 2-3 cubes je kot, n the rest, i yg habeskn,, hm, nyum nyum.. can u imagine, for this whole week, 5 cubes of dairy milk choc, and an orange + air suam were my meal for lunch each dayyy... tatau la healthy ke tak... huhu... konon2nye nk avoid mkn nasik n minyak2 during lunch... hehe~ ohh and and lupe plak nk bgtau... the choc was a sweet lil gift from my darling boyfren... sweet kn die.. giving me cutey2 gifts without any reasons and special occasions... he's such a sweetheart, hee =) siap ade card lagi attached to the choc cover! oh my my, im started to falling in luv with him.... again n again.... n again.... =) yes, its true dear.... i luv u much much!! this is for u... MMmmmmuahhhh!! =) i luv your beautiful soul..... u noe what dear.... with you im reborn... n im no longer torn... thank you dear~

our love needs nooo explanation~

Thursday, February 21, 2008


feeling good, now... well, well, things at home is a lil bit chaotic at d moment as d bibik has gone back to indonesia for good.. it has been like one week, i guess... feuhhh... life with bibik at home was pretty much relaxing... eventho mum always say things like "children, she's not ur slave, but juz a helper here in dis treat her like one okeyy!", n yeah.. we washed our own plates after dner all d tym.. (bt only if bibik say "ngak apa apa, biar saya aja yg basuh",.. haa, then we passed.. haha), n sumtyms we insisted jgak taw, (basically in front of ma.. haha)... but still having her around means.... i never hafta worry about my clothes being ironned... dish washing, room tidying, toilet cleaning, n etcetra etcetra.. and all other things bibik is sooo soo capable of doing... Ohh and and.. she'd been doing all the cookings all these while... n now... dush. dush.. dush.. dgn terpakse relanye... i took over her place... huu.. of course la it's not me alone.. i hv my lil sista, nuha who's such a big help... since she has juz finished her form5 and nw waitin 4 her SPM result smbil2 amek driving license... so she's the one doing the laundry... n mlm pn we both same2 wash the dishes and all... thnx nuha... u better get used to it ok!! n me too =) hm, well, frankly speaking, this whole bibikless situation is doing me GOOOOOD... u noe, so now im practising of becoming a WIFE, and a MOM,... lalalllaaa~ COOKING is my current obsession!!! been searching for all the yummy yummy recipes...from internet, mum's cooking books.. and also from our houz' greatest chef.. my mum la kan sape lagi!!! =) okey enuf about d bibik stuff~ back to work...

~what goes around comes back around~

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Gift

An acquaintance wrote me this poem 2 years ago...
inspired by my email ID.. stormflower~

The Storm Flower

The day so bright...
Suddenly grows dark.
The rainclouds gather
A sign of bad weather.
Yet as fast as the rain comes down
Miracles appear on the ground.
Weaving life into seeds lying dormant,
Making flowers appear with a will so adamant.
Such beauty, such spirit, all in one...
The flower that appears when the storms rage on...

thanx, so brilliant and thoughtful of you!

first timer~

hye.. hye.. tak sangke finally i managed to start my own blog... b4 ni duk berangan je... yahh, y huh? y did i start a blog?? i wonder... im not the type yg suke telling ppl about my things... bt i've been dreaming of having my own blogspot for quite sum tym... previously, when big things happened to me, to my family, n to my loved ones.., i started to think, gosh, i need to write this sumwer, sumthng dat i wil remember my whole life..n i wanted 2 keep it as a memory with a date stated on it.. kept in a nice cozy way... n well organized... so dat it wil remain not only in my heart bt in sumwer like this place called 'blogspot'... haha.. well, mayb i'll juz keep this for me.. mayb dis blog wil b like my e-diary... n yeah.. mayyb i wont b even publicityzing my blog... (wait, publicityzing isnt a word, rite? nvrmind.. this is my blog anyhow..) haha... so what's d point of all these? n one more thing, i dnt even hv d talent to those i read from a few bloggers.. oh man, where did they learn to write dat way...? uhh, watever... so, dis is my blog.. read me!! =)

is this for realll...??

What Does a Sales Engineer Do?

Having searched in many of the wrong places I found an excellent article on Frank Hecker's site, telling the world what a Sales Engineer (SE) does.

Fundamentally, it is the job of the SE to support the sales process, to the point of selling the product, until the customer has paid the money. By that time, a full transition of the account should pass it on to a long-term implementation or support based team, whose job it is to keep the customer happy.

You often hear of customer's complaining that the consultant who got things working disappeared after the customer paid up, but that is basically their job. They are also called Pre sales consultants...

The basic tasks that exist before the sale are:

  • Getting technical requirements from customers
  • Web and Live Product demonstrations-Advising customers which products they need for a proposed solution
  • Writing more formal documents such as proposals, and answering RFIs-Managing the relationship with the customer at a technical level
  • including support questions, evaluation requirements, proof of concept, architecture
  • Assisting salespeople with sales strategy for an account

But the SE should work themselves out of the process by the time the product is sold. This is facilitated by the Services Manager getting introduced before the sale, and assisting with the final Statement of Work (SOW) for the implementation. This works well if the Services Manager is aware of the product requirements of the customer at an early stage. Of course it is not good if the SE is the Services Manager...

SEs are also in an excellent place to feed back to the company any customer requirements that are not satisfied by the current product, and see if it is possible to find solutions. Often the ability to think outside the box will be of great assistance.

Sales Engineers Rock~