Friday, February 22, 2008

sweet like chocolate....yeah!!

hey~ oh goshhh! 2day's workloaddd is killing me... i cant focus on a thing!! help...!!!! huhu... thank God ade chocolate penghibur hati i... been eating this huuuuuge cadbury dairy milk choc bar since monday... wowieee!! okey so i managed to finish the chocolate bar in five days... gempak occccaaaayy!!! mayb my ofismate, natrah ade amek dlm 2-3 cubes je kot, n the rest, i yg habeskn,, hm, nyum nyum.. can u imagine, for this whole week, 5 cubes of dairy milk choc, and an orange + air suam were my meal for lunch each dayyy... tatau la healthy ke tak... huhu... konon2nye nk avoid mkn nasik n minyak2 during lunch... hehe~ ohh and and lupe plak nk bgtau... the choc was a sweet lil gift from my darling boyfren... sweet kn die.. giving me cutey2 gifts without any reasons and special occasions... he's such a sweetheart, hee =) siap ade card lagi attached to the choc cover! oh my my, im started to falling in luv with him.... again n again.... n again.... =) yes, its true dear.... i luv u much much!! this is for u... MMmmmmuahhhh!! =) i luv your beautiful soul..... u noe what dear.... with you im reborn... n im no longer torn... thank you dear~

our love needs nooo explanation~


Hanisah Fadzil said...


dulu sy ade member name mcm awak laa..amalina hanisah

x silap sy , mmg awk la kot ?

nk tanyer , dulu mase skola rendah ade skolah kat al-amin serdang x ??

Celia said...

Good for people to know.

Amalina Hanisah said...

salam, hanisah fadzil,
yes that's me. hehe. mcm mane leh jumpe? i shy la. heuheu. sy pon ingt awk juge. =))

n celia, i dun noe u. u better dissapear. thnk you.