Friday, January 30, 2009

currently reading!

a MUST READ to all preggers!! love it love it love it.

it feels like im having a virtual friend sharing the ups n downs of being pregnant...

sile lah bace wahai preggers sekalian..... highly recommended!

yg belum preg tu kalau suke berangan2, bleh la bace juge ;))






Sophie Kinsella's SHOPAHOLIC & BABY

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Respect

and i quote...

"men are all... the same."

It's not my norm to actually generalize people...
but in a way (for any situation),
there's a truth in it...

we fall in love,
when we meet this special someone
who could actually let us see a man differently
who could make us believe that not all men are the same
that's when we deeply, fall in love...

Could u be this one person who makes me love a man??

bcuz i used to be the girl who made a boy loves a girl....

Friday, January 16, 2009

dulu - dulu

tatkale berjalan2 kt frenster kwn2... terjumpe pic ni kt frenster mujahid.. gile lame gmbr ni.. zaman mude2 org kate... teringin nk up sbb tak sangke masih ade yg ade gmbr ni... i mean dlm frenster dorg... takpn i am d only one yg takde,.. huhu.. pepepun, zaman mude remaja begini takkn ku lupakan smpai bile2.. seronok sgt! carefree~
tym tu sume single... (percintaan aku ngn megat masih dlm stage gitu2 la org kate! haha)... aku ingt lagi, bakar2 ayam tym hujan.. punye la susah bdak2 laki nk hidupkn api.. tp berkat kesungguhan, berjaya la jugak... lepas tu, mkn spaghetti... muja keloloh gile smpai tertumpah tumpah... tak dilupakan juga aksi2 censored kwn2 aku ni.. yg plg dahsat muja... yg bdak pempuan pn ade gak aksi censored.. toot.. dirahsiekn identitynye, demi menjaga air muka... huhu..
tp kt gathering ni.. yg plg tak dpt dilupakn adalah, speck levi's muja yg hancur berderai... huwaaa!! kesian sgt.. aku org terakhir yg pegang, so kire aku la yg bersalah.. sibaik muja tak tuntut gantirugi... kalau tak.. terbang duit aku... huhu... sory sgt muja.. aku tau skrg kau dh ade speck baru... =) gile susah payah nk carik speck tu, siap patah balik... kebetulan dh malam... terpakse gune lampu kereta jadi torchlight... last2 jumpe jugak, tapi dh hancur kene lenyek dek kete... al kisahnye, die nk buat ape ntah (hidupkn api barbeque rasenye), suh dila pegang speck die.. dila plak beg jauh, suh aku pegangkn letak dlm beg aku... ntah camne tym nak solat asar kt surau berdekatan, tym turun kereta.. tercicir... tak perasan... itulah puncanya... huhuhu.. my bad!
tp tu sume cite lame...... n kenangan yg tak dpt aku lupekn bersama kwn2 tercinta... skrg sume dh nk kawen dh pon... dh tak dpt la nk berseronok mcm dulu lagi.. berseronok care lain pulak la... ;) definisi seronok pon dah berbeza... tapi still seronok... ape gune hidup kt dunie ni kalau tak leh berseronok... semua org perlu rase seronok... cume seronok ni kena la berpada-pada... jangan smpai lupa diri and jgn smpai terleka... lupe tanggungjwb kite for the day hereafter... kn? kn? ape la aku melalut ni... tp btul la, aku rase each n evryone of us yg hidup kt dunie ni, deserve 2 feel seronok, happy, and bahagie... aku nk sgt n doakan semua kwn2 aku dan org sekeliling aku mengecapi bahagia.., tak kesah la walau susah mcamane pon jalan yg korg lalui... ameen!!!
hey ptg2 jumaat begini.. mmg dh malas sgt nk wat keje.. pk nk cuti je... sbb tu la aku merepek kt cni... aku tak saba mau pulang and excited nk bake fruit tart utk dibawe ke umah inlaw.. insyaAllah... so, happy holidays ppl! hv a great and a healthy one!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad Eyes

ahaa.. this is a tricky one...
see this block below, it's a word actually...
try to read it ppl...

impossible to read, no?
yeah absolutely... me either..

unless u close ur eyes almost 90%..
Do try... Amazing isnt it??

(taken from Today's Joke)

breakfast, lunch & dinner

my crave!!!!
i want it for bfast, for lunch, n for dner... tq.
tolong hantar kiwi fruit byk2 ke rumah saye.....
i'll be waitinkk ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

where is your heart?

Not much to write about anymorr.....
i think people around the world should have known about this for sure, rite??
the ratio of the death of Israel to Palestine is now 4:370.
dat's too much to take.... cant u see?
menitis airmata tgk all those pictas...
Perhaps it's the most brutal assasination in the world history.
Where is your heart ppl?

so people, unless u r heartless.. crying is not the solution and absolutely not enuff for our brothers and sisters in Palestine...
let's do the least we could do...
boycott Israel n US goods.... i noe it's not easy... but we hav to!
we've all been using their goods, since forever...
but for Allah's sake, now is the time to change!

Recite surah al-Fath 26, 27 and surah Yunus 85, 86, and 88.
Let's help our brothers and sisters in Islam!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my workpiece

finally, the abandoned project is completed. bravo amalina!!!
it was actually a DIY tudung awning (ekin style.. haha).
dun get me wrong, am totally not a fan of her, but i love d tudung she's been wearing...
my jahitan sucks a bit, bt it was my first attempt..
so, kasik chance la ye!
all in all, im happy with the result...
the measurement fits my face nicely...
cant wait to jahit another one, and a lot lot more...
matchy2 to my outfitss!!
yerp, teruja! but really need to spare my tym for this :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Is it a boy? or is it a girl??

Im getting excited about this baby thingy... n now starting to do baby gears survey... ahhaaa... my huby is very excited as well, and to my surprise, he giddily bought 3 pairs of infant clothes... i bet he cudnt resist the cuteness of those tiny tiny clothes.. me too! huhu. but at dat time we havent noe the gender yet, so beli neutral kaler je la... cant wait for the nex check up, d doc said we might noe the gender by dat time... here's a video of d lil baby in my tummy... agak blurr bcuz it was only a 2D ultrosound scan.... we gona hav a 4D ultrasound perhaps in my 3rd trimester later on... insyaAllah... a better clearer image of the baby can be seen.. so here goes;


last saturday was my second check up... n guess what?? i've got to noe the gender of my baby already.... best kn?? i was so so nervous n so so excited at the same time.... my hubby and i both berdebar-debar giler when the doc was about to announce the gender... and she said;

it is 99% a............

we are both very happy.. since this will be our first bundle of joy... we accept Allah's gift with an open and a happy heart... alhamdulillah.. so now dh boleh cari2 name... and buy girly stuffs for our lil baby... do pray for me ppl... harap2 selamat la semuanya... ameen...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Positively 2009


specially dedicated to:

Husband, Mama, Baba, Abang, Kak Yana, Cfah, Joy, Nuha, Ahmad, Syasya, Hannan, Nenek, Auntie2, Uncle2, Cousins, 2nd Cousins, 3rd Cousins,... until nth Cousins..

Friends; Zati, Mizah, Fathiyyah, Jaja, Asuer, Dila, Ady, Nas, huda, Eija, Hanim, Izyan, Ipa, Odie, dan juga semua rakan2 yang pernah mengenali, sedang mengenali dan akan mengenali diriku ini...

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