Tuesday, April 29, 2008

one-of-a-kind buffer

as we walked around the mall.... a sales girl jumped in, and showed us a cuboid shaped 2-step buffer, she asked if we wana hav a try... i dun mind, so we gav our hands and she applied the buffer to our nails.. wow!! amazingly, it only took like 3 to 4 seconds per nail for a total polished and very shiny result!!! compared to the traditional one, yah, it takes so long to finish the 4-steps, and i even felt lenguh sumtyms... this one is ridiculous, im still mesmerized now... haha... so, i 'terpengaruh' and i bought it for only rm12.90. kewl isnt it???

i like roses

I found this very interesting... having read this over and over again, the more beauty i discovered in it... thnx to my bf for this post... God bless you!


A certain man planted a rose & watered it faithfully,
& before it blossomed, he examined it. He saw the bud
that would soon blossom also have thorns with it. &
he thought, *How can any beautiful flower come from
a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns?
He felt very sad by this thought, & he neglected to water
the rose, & before it was ready to bloom, it died............

So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose.
Allah like qualities planted in us at birth growing
amid the thorns of our faults.
Many of us look at ourselves & see only the thorns,
[the defects].
We despair, thinking that nothing good can possibly
come from us.
We neglect to water the good deeds within us,
& eventually it dies.
We never realize our potential.

Some people do not see the rose within themselves;
someone else must show it to them.
One of the greatest gifts to a person can possess
is to be able to reach past the thorns
& find the rose within others...... ..

This is the characteristic of love,

To look at a person, & knowing his faults,
Recognize the nobility in his soul, & help him
to realize that he can overcome his faults...... .

If we show him the rose, he will conquer the thorns.
Then it will blossom hundred- folds as it is given to him.

"Our duty in this world is to help others by showing them
their roses & not their thorns [the defects]..........''

facial fiesta

it was such fun having a cool facial fiesta with my galfrenz last saturday!! thnx u gys! it was my first tym going for a facial treatment with a bunch o frenz. total fun! we can talk to each other while our faces were being massaged by the masseuse... girls stuff! we loike!! n then we went to catch a muvie. we were very lucky bcuz "over her dead body" is still showing in gsc... goodness! watching romantic comedy with the gals was sooo much fun...! we shud do these stuffs more often... yah... its true.. 3 romantic muvies to come... fool's gold, made of honour and what happen in vegas... we planned 2 watch all three, together!!! hopefully, mayb! if we can squeeze in our free time all together..., then, jadilahhh!!! c u guyz soon! muah3x!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

megat's day

last sunday i went to watch megat having a futsal tournament. the feeling of going thr was like sooo 'so-so'... hm, it's not like i havent been to his futsal tournament before, thou, i felt so difren dis tym. "go mingle around with my colleague's wife + kids..." megat said. hm,, eventhou my response was soo like reluctantly.., i'm actually cool with it. i juz wana be a bit 'manja' w him saying things like, "i'm juz gona b wer u are, i wil juz follow ur bottom, i dont wana mingle around".. yah, i guess men wont get it! ;) so when we arrived to the futsal place, i joined one of his colleague's wife, named kak su... she's very friendly.. (biasela penangites ;P) i was playing with her 3 children... such cutie pies.... have a look >>

cutey kiddies and a cutey aunty ;P

farish syahmi n farish syazwan

alolo.. tiutt sangat mulut tu =)

having shown those photos, obviously there were not many 'wives' thr during the tournament. yg byk the gals from his company la kot, dpt buat 2 futsal teams, so it was like either they'll become the juara or naib juara. i dont care thou, bcuz i barely know any gals from his office. eventhou ade one or two yg being friendly w me, dat's fine. but i've got issue. a couple of months ago, i caught megat purposely deleting his inbox item sent by a gal from his office. i was dying to noe what was written, bt i noe i wudnt believe wat he tried to say. n the reason for that is, y did he has to delete it in the first place? obviously he got smething to hide. i hate it when ppl simply hide things behind my back! i mean, who likes dat? i was so frustrated. n i noe he learned his lesson too. bt i cant control what i think. okey, whatever! hate it anyhow and that explains y i dont feel like mingling around w them. make sense rite?! = dat's it. okey, back to the futsal story, hm... so megat's team managed to show their skills until quarter finals, but they lost by 1 goal. i was very observant during the game, i hafta say dat megat was the best player of his team bcuz the others are kinda 'old' compared to him, so stamina kurang. dat's y la kot. well for me, megat's the best football player in d world!!! kalah ronaldinho kalah cristiano, kalah kaka, apetah lagi beckham ;)... huhu, kembang boyfren i ;) hm, evrythng was pretty good during the tournament until.. something totally untolerable happened to me. i haven't eat anythng since mornine, and it was already 4pm at dat tym... i was starving like hell... i tried to juz tahan la kn... but it got to my nerves when megat chose to watch the gals play rather than feeding me w food while waiting for the guys' final. it kinda blew me off... tak best lgsg.... how i wish, he wud juz say,.. "hm, malas la abg nk tgk pempuan main, jom cr makan utk ayg abg ni jap..." wahhh... bahagienye hidup... huhu... but, i noe, bukan sume bende yg kite nk kite akn dapat.... yah, and having high expectations is not always good. dat's the moral of the story, i guess. and of course, at dat point, i shud've been very supportiv of his passion and all, but i juz cant. mayb i wasnt trying hard.. i dun noe... im so sorry... sorry to you.., and i sorry myself too.... it's juz so complicated, and i really hav to keep holding on... and try making things better, at least after this... bcuz i luv him so so much, and i so dont wana lose him... so dat's about it, but we are okey now... they say, the best thing about having a fight is the moment we make out... we are actually doing great... stil lovey dovey... ;)

megat yusrizal caught in action >>>>

licik... ;P

uit, aksi ape tu?

di sebalik jaring.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sushi king

for the past couple of weeks... sushi king was my fav meal for lunch... OMG! it was juz like an addiction... i dont noe y... so freaky! but i enjoyed it so much... i think i've had enuff of sushi king, as we went to sushi king again during lunch time!! my mind was telling me, let 2day b d closing of 'the-sushi-king-addiction-fiesta'. it was a nice closing i hafta say, bcuz it was a treat by my boss =) thnx mr. ralph, for d closing ceremony. nice having quite a talk w you....

Monday, April 21, 2008

gals day out

saturday was quite a day for me..... i love my ts frenz sooo much much... ts? what on earth is ts..? haha, only we know wht ts means, n we prefer it to remain dat way =) zati, mizah, fathiyyah, jaja, adeq, nisah and nad... they are my closest frenz, been together since lower high..., separated during upper high... bt stil kept in touch... n now they are stil my closest.... okey so this time, i planned the whole get together.. bcuz i felt like i wana treat them dner since i blum blanje dorg lagi since my first pay.... so i texted evryone for a 'gals-day-out'.. so so happy bcuz the responses are all positive! yayy... xcept for 2 of our frenz yg macam dh expired their membership; nisah and nad, the last time we met them was during last raya.... hence, nisah is now in saudi arabia and nad is working with petronas at kerteh plant... so kami berenam je la dis tym...

so we planned to meet each other at the botanical garden, putrajaya at 6pm. hav had a wonderful photo shoot 2gether... yeah, we lurveee photo shooting so pathetically ;) we are like so crazy about it... these are a few of our enourmousss amount of photos.......

looking at ourselves in d camera... hehe ;)

from adeq's point of view...

we juz lurveee outdoors~

striking a weird pose,...

looking at ourselves again ;P

the six of us.... luv luv luv

so after having a great sweaty exciting photo shoot in putrajaya, we went for dner at secret recipe,.. cozy! we like ;) then we headed to the newly opened GSC, we planned to watch "over her dead body" but then kt gsc yg baru bukak ni takde plak... so we ended up watching.... "congkak".. oh man, cant believe we juz watched it... takot okey... everybody was like closing their eyes all the way, takpun, our hands were at our faces, standby je.... huhu... the funniest part was, before the muvie started, sume dah cop tmpat nk duk tgh2... so we decided jaja duk tepi, bcuz die dah tgk the muvie.... n tinggal another seat tepi yg stil sume refused. zati suggested fathiyyah la, bcuz she's married, nti balik tido ngn suami... haha.. funny! tp fathiyyah mcm taknak jugak... so, we came up w a solution, kene undi... i separate the tickets, then jaja shuffle and agihkn the tickets, evryone kne duduk kt seat number yg kitorg dpt... huhu... fortunately, i got the safe one! poor adeq, die yg terpakse duk tepi... and funny jugak bile zati kunun2 kesian kt adeq, pindah tempat from the third seat to the second one (beside adeq)... haha, macam membantu la konon?! NOT~ but ended up kami berenam saling berpelukan secare berpasangan... mizah-jaja, me-fathiyyah, zati-adeq. fair and square.... hehee~ then after the muvie, we concluded that, sbnanye muvie ni tak bpe takut pon if tgk cd kat umah, tp bcuz of the sound effects and all, cuak je... i personally think that, congkak is not bad at all, except for a few parts yg too 'tahyul'.. like ade aboogen... n mcm cahaye2 kuase tu la... yg lain sume kinda okey la, for a malay film =)
so dat was our day..... tiring but yeah!!! we enjoyed it to the max....! zati, fathiyyah, mizah, jaja, adeq..., i luv u ppl so... wana see u guys more n more... muahh3x!! thnx for d great outing!!! luv luv~

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

whole again

okey ma n ba is back home...!! it's gud to see them =) normally, when maba got back from overseas we wil stay together at the living room hearing stories about their journey n etc while watching the vidcam of all the places they visited... wow!! switzerland is such a beauuuutiful place. romantic sgt tgk ma n ba... berangan one day mayb bole pg sane dgn megat tersayang.... heuhue... kumpul duit kumpul duit.. ;) "insyaAllah, one day!", he said. the scenery was picture perfect mum said!! yah, a wonderful place 2 visit, but not to stay, ba said. mayb bcuz of the very cold whether, i can see that they were freezing in the video... a few places i cud actually remember, mentioned by ma ba are luzern which is a very2 spectacular spot, and jongfraujork (i dun noe the spelling) pronounced as 'yong-fro-york' which is the top of europe.. okey.. only two. seriously, the names are hard to remember... hee =) so they were thr for 2 weeks. for the first 4 days, they were not really njoying their time as their luggage were stranded at the new terminal 5 airport in London... bad service bad service. mum said dat the terminal shudnt be opened to public yet, as they havent done any simulation on how much loads cud the system support and etc,.. so dats y... juz imagine, 26,000 units of luggage were stranded on the same day as maba's.. how crazy was that?! they knew that from the local news.... and only after four days, they managed to get their luggages... okey, evrything is expensive in the europe country... we all knew dat! i personally, didnt expect maba to buy me anything... bt maba knew dat switzerland is well known as a country producing high quality watches... swiss watches... and the kiddyies fav brand "swatch"... so he bought like a bunch of Swatch watches for all of us.. and a bunch of swiss watches for ehm.. whoever... and mum, as usual, she loves collecting the little2 souvenirs glasses, timbers n etc evrytym she went overseas... so thr's a bunch of those stuffs... mum also brought back a pot of yellow tulips.. waaa, i luv tulips... sadly, it cudnt grow in malaysia bcuz it needs a lower temperature to live... i wonder if d tulips is still alive now... huhu. and and another cool thing is the taste of swiss chocs,.. soo yummilicious.... i'm a big fan of white chocs and milk chocs... bt not dark chocs (eventho they say its healthier)... they bought a lot of swiss chocs for us... thnx maba for making us FAT! and happy =) thnx for coming home in one piece... my life is whole again =)

mama w her fav tulips... i juz love tulips!

baba, sumwer in switzerland

maba, having a great time playing w snow ;P

Monday, April 14, 2008


finally........ last friday, i signed up for California Fitness Club membership.. such a big, big move.. even my bf was quite surprised... huhu~ sory dear, i've been wanting this soo bad. and bcuz tgh promotion, dats y la.. okey la i think, eventho the reg fee + processing fee byr like 300+ at first, tp monthly rm100. okey la kot, kn? kn? im so happy w my decision, i really really hope he's happy too.. and everyone else.. before signing up, we (effa, megat, and i) were brought for a brief tour at the gym area, surprisingly the place is soo big,.. tak sangke bcuz seeing it from the outside, it didnt look dat big... the best thing is ade separate female workout area... cool! bcuz, of course la i dont like the mixings... except for the swiming pool and the classes, held at those big studios.. im so excited, i can join all of those many classes such as yoga, belly dance, pop dance, boxercise, aerobic and etc... which are included in the package... so so cool rite? and the schedule fits in my daily routine perfectly... cool! i bet all of those who visit d place wil fall in luv and trus sign up, juz like me (huhu).. alhamdulillah, hopefuly im doin the right thing.... =)

showing-off my silver membership card =)

so during the tour, we got the chance to do body analysis, where a machine is connected to my body and it gathers information about how much fats, muscles, water, bones are here in my body. What am i collecting, what am i lacking and etc... the test is called "body composition analysis"... megat did the same test, and we obtained almost the same result.. yeah!! 'sehati sejiwa' said one of the gym instructor who happened to be my classmate during lower high.... named ungku zane... i scored 74% while megat scored 72%... "GOOD", the score grading says, but zane said, it's a C good. A (excellent); 90-100%, B (very good); 80-89%. oh whatever! hee. so, w me joining d club, i'm so determined to achieve an excellent A... 3 months from now, insyaAllah. =) the summary of the result is as below...

my muscle-fat diagnosis
154cm, 49.4kg
muscle mass: 32kg
body fat mass: 15kg
percent body fat: 30.3%

for my height, the ideal weight is 47.9. so i weigh 1.5kg heavier than the ideal
. huhu. i hafta increase my muscle mass by 3kgs and reduce my body fat mass by 4kgs in order to decrease my body fat percentage to 24%... oh my gowddd...........!

my fluid diagnosis
fluid distribution in my right arm and left arm is below normal..., however fluid distribution in my trunk, right leg and left leg i
s normal... and my result for the EDEMA (swelling of part of the body caused by accumulation of excessive fluid due to chronic diseases & body disorders) exam is 0.321 which is right in the middle of NORMAL. thank God!

my body evaluation
muscle type: weight normal, proportionate
nutririon status: protein, fat, mineral ; normal
upper lower balance: arm; undeveloped (shoot!), leg; normal
right left balance: arm; balanced, leg; balanced
(megat got a perfect score for this segment!!! proud to be ur gf ;))

nutritional assessment
obesity degree: 103%
BMI: 20.8kg/m3
BMR: 1114.4kcal
AMC: 18.5cm
BCM: 23.9kg

i hafta workout in order to make sure that my obesity degree is 100%. the +3% means i am 3% obes..., wahwah... r u kidding me? im seen as slim u noe??? BMI is Body Mass Index. the normal range (healthy) for BMI is 18.5 to 22.9, so im juz normal. huhu. BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate which means the amount of energy we use during our static state. for my kind of body, the amount of energy used shud be 1300kcal. so i hav like almost 200kcal of energy not being used during my static state. AMC is Arm Muscle Circumference which means that 18.5 is the measurement of my biceps area w/out fat. from the analysis, my current arm circumference (fat+bone+skin) is 25.5cm.. woohoo.. i hv to reduce my AC by 3-4cm,.. i think that's it.


So that's a lil bit of explanation on how my body condition is... not that bad.. but it cud be better i must say.... hopefully by joining CF club, i wil alwiz be in a pink of health. ameen =)

Desire - Determination - Discipline - Direction

critical factors of success in slimming - 4Ds ... desire to stay slim and healthy, determination to achieve end result and maintain it, discipline to exercise 4 times weekly and eat moderately, direction to measure myself weekly...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


lil hannan husna... fooling around~

i'm used to babysitting... i've been babysitting my two nieces for the past couple of years... so, i admit, it's never easy... but before this, i hv had to do babysitting w cfah, n joy... so dat wasnt such a burden... yah, we can take turn during the night.. 2hours each... huhu... last weekend, i had to babysit dat lil hannan ALONE... oh my goodness... sepatutnye it wasnt me alone, cuz nuha was around... tp hampehnye die tak bangun langsung when hannan cried.... so, apparently, it was me, alone! uwaaa!! seriously, i felt like crying, too. she wudnt stop... panic taw!!! n she kept calling 'mama... mama...', waaa.... i didnt noe wat to do.. bt i stayed calm... okey2,.. hv been 'selawat' bt it didnt work.. then i read the 'ayat kursi'.... wahhh, amazingly.... she stopped crying... masyaƁllah... besarnye kuase Allah.. and i was soo relieved... but normal la, evry 2 hours nannan terjage.. merengek rengek sket.. tukar nappy,.. pg buat susu... then i tepuk2, n die tdo balik... wahh.. i was soo exhausted, monday pg keje, rase nk tertido tido, soo sleepy, n tak sedap bdn... smething is wrong sumwer... huhu, smpai i hafta mc on Tuesday,.. penangan hannan for aunty amal.. huhu.. well., well, it was quite an experience for me...

i wonder, how does it feel like, having my very own baby...?? wow! going thru the tiring, so so challenging moment each and evry night......... hm?! but.. my mama and all the moms in the world coped with it pretty well! we, as their children, shud be very grateful... and dont ever think of 'derhaka'-ing them... as they've done so much for us... we cud never pay their sacrifices back.. thanx ma.. thanx ba... i guess i miss u both! this whole experience has taught me a lot!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

independent woman

im so excited......! in a couple of days, ma n ba wil b back from switzerland. okey cool! bcuz life without them for the past 2 weeks is soo soo damn boring!!!! i miss them so bad. i dun noe y. it's juz so difren w/out them... the thing that i miss the most is the regular activities we all did together... i luv to 'potato-couch'-ing w ma n ba n the rest of the family watching tv... any reality tv shows, any interesting movies from hbo, starmovies or cinemax will do... now, watching tv is never the same... huhu...

okey, so wat happened during maba's "honeymoon"?? hm, nuthing much i guess. amad goes to school as usual, except sumtyms mengade-ngade mintak nuha n i to fetch him. usually, he tumpang neighbour sblh rumah. one day, nuha n i terlmbt giler amek die bcuz of banjir... almost half way to his school, we hafta patah balik, use another road, pusing from uniten masuk throu kajang to his school. smpai at around 7pm.. no one was there.. including amad... we were so worried..., tanye2 neighbourhood situ, bt no one knows where he was... tried to call home, bt no one answered. after like 10 attempts kot, br la nelly answered the phone, told us yg amad dh smpai umah... uuwaaaaa... relieved, bt marah at d same time... y didnt he call???! sibaik budak... n mayb he has gone thru a bad situation as well, waiting for us,...! geram2.... hmm... n guess what, he got home by taxi... gosh!!! i bet he was scared staying thr alone. so, okey i redha w dat! n thank God he was home in one piece!

what else eyh? okey about nuha, nw dh 'panjang langkah' as she has already got her license... so far, she drove my kelisa to alamanda, bangi, the mines, n sekitar our house... as far as i know la kn... tatau la if she sneaked out sesuke hati while i was at the office... hm,.. cfah... what about cfah? her relationship w her bf is a lil bit wavy at the moment i must say... i think dat's juz normal for a long distance one, bt u noe, wont say that to her... i juz hope evrything goes well thr in moscow,, im worried when she's so down... i cudnt care less... bcuz obviously she's my sister, n we are so so close w each other... i alwiz pray for you sis!! hv an open heart, and evrythng wil b fine, insyaAllah =) okey, hm.... joy? joy was home for the weekend, bt home-tak-home sgt la kn, bcuz mcm 24/7 ditemani his bf... looking at them, makes me think of my early youngster years, where i dun hfta think about work.. oh yah i think about work, bt the definition of work at that time was HAVING FUN!!! hii~ less responsibilities, n more more fun, n excitement!! hehe~ i've passed all that i guess... its time to be an adult.. which is still fun bt in a very different way! =)