Tuesday, April 15, 2008

whole again

okey ma n ba is back home...!! it's gud to see them =) normally, when maba got back from overseas we wil stay together at the living room hearing stories about their journey n etc while watching the vidcam of all the places they visited... wow!! switzerland is such a beauuuutiful place. romantic sgt tgk ma n ba... berangan one day mayb bole pg sane dgn megat tersayang.... heuhue... kumpul duit kumpul duit.. ;) "insyaAllah, one day!", he said. the scenery was picture perfect mum said!! yah, a wonderful place 2 visit, but not to stay, ba said. mayb bcuz of the very cold whether, i can see that they were freezing in the video... a few places i cud actually remember, mentioned by ma ba are luzern which is a very2 spectacular spot, and jongfraujork (i dun noe the spelling) pronounced as 'yong-fro-york' which is the top of europe.. okey.. only two. seriously, the names are hard to remember... hee =) so they were thr for 2 weeks. for the first 4 days, they were not really njoying their time as their luggage were stranded at the new terminal 5 airport in London... bad service bad service. mum said dat the terminal shudnt be opened to public yet, as they havent done any simulation on how much loads cud the system support and etc,.. so dats y... juz imagine, 26,000 units of luggage were stranded on the same day as maba's.. how crazy was that?! they knew that from the local news.... and only after four days, they managed to get their luggages... okey, evrything is expensive in the europe country... we all knew dat! i personally, didnt expect maba to buy me anything... bt maba knew dat switzerland is well known as a country producing high quality watches... swiss watches... and the kiddyies fav brand "swatch"... so he bought like a bunch of Swatch watches for all of us.. and a bunch of swiss watches for ehm.. whoever... and mum, as usual, she loves collecting the little2 souvenirs glasses, timbers n etc evrytym she went overseas... so thr's a bunch of those stuffs... mum also brought back a pot of yellow tulips.. waaa, i luv tulips... sadly, it cudnt grow in malaysia bcuz it needs a lower temperature to live... i wonder if d tulips is still alive now... huhu. and and another cool thing is the taste of swiss chocs,.. soo yummilicious.... i'm a big fan of white chocs and milk chocs... bt not dark chocs (eventho they say its healthier)... they bought a lot of swiss chocs for us... thnx maba for making us FAT! and happy =) thnx for coming home in one piece... my life is whole again =)

mama w her fav tulips... i juz love tulips!

baba, sumwer in switzerland

maba, having a great time playing w snow ;P