Friday, March 28, 2008


I guess it's my turn to shine this time.... my turn to laugh, my turn to feel fine =) After trying "hard" to reach the end of this long, loooonngg, vast land... Í've been doing all i can to achieve this goal, sacrificed 5 years plus for this precious attainment,,, n now, alhamdulillah.. i've climbed dat very high pole i guess..., for the hardships of mine.. dat's my payment. i earn it!!

receiving the first bouquet of roses =)

but i know, this aint the end of my journey... for thr's so much more i wil confront... God please bless me in my continuous jaunt... As u hv granted me w so many blessings... the best mum+dad, wonderful sisters and brothers, relatives..., good friends... i love u guys so much!!! Thanx for being present during my graduation day.. n thnx for all the flowers n presents.. i really2 luv them, n appreciate them so much much!!! =)

family thing!

sisters for life

my sayang.

So wat's nex? I dont noe 'yet', bt one thing for sure, i'll keep on learning... though my graduation's done... my whole life's an education... that has only juz begun... my degree is the very first big step, for knowledge is the special key to winning what i want in life, and being who i want to be... I wil alwiz b a student, im gona find the secrets to success, and travel on the golden road, to good fortune, peace and happiness... Thanx all~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

sue's wedding day

How shud i describe the past couple of weeks i've been through...?? ther were so many things happening.. n i din even realize dat i've been abandoning my blog for quite a long time. i missed blogging so much, bt juz din hv d tym. recently, i went to my fren'z wedding, sue,... well, i love her dress so much... i guess it was d cutting of d dress dat makes it looked captivating! okey im gona upload some of d photos here.. so dat u guys can judge d dress urself ;) n yah, d best part of attending a fren's wedding is that, i've got the chance to meet all my old old frenz, n update stories!! my dearest frenz jaja, dila, huda, nas, n eena were thr.. anyway, a weird thing about d wedding, i was told dat sue din invite any of the boys. i wonder. n i came to a conclusion dat mayb she feels dat she's not so close w them, as sue herself was quite a shy girl back in high school. That's why la kot... but i dont care much about it..., all in all, it was a great day, n the whether was gud either... Congratulations Sue & husband.. Gosh i forgot his name. hehe. never mind =) Semoge berbahagie hingga ke hujung nyawe....

so this is sue, i took a pic w her, to 'amek berkat' pengantin =)

the single faces~ wishing we were married. huhu =)

n dat's d dress.. cantikkn...?

and whose turn is next? evryone wonder!!!

we'll juz wait n see....

Friday, March 14, 2008


here comes the weekend again... =) this whole week was quite a hectic one for me... tak berniat to post a blog pon today, bt then, thr's smething inside of me pushing me to do so... (haha, ape tu?) so, i logged in.. n started typing... n then, suddenly i freezed.... haha.. clueless kjap... so many things coming up currently... arrrhh! im so stressed out.... relax.. relax...

i juz wana share one of my own favorite poem from my most favorite man on earth (u know who).. he really touches my heart w this poem.... millions of thanks!

i'll giv u my heart; i'll open it up,

will u listen to its small still voice?

for soft and quiet my heart will speak

to the one i'll call my wife.

did u hear it dear? did u listen well?

do you understand what it said?

for deep is the love that it speaks to you,

deep as the rose is red.

so take my heart, and treat it well

and forever in this life,

come walk with me, your hand in mine,

the one i'll call my wife.

Megat Yusrizal Megat Jamaludin

Thursday, March 13, 2008

GE '08

Wow!! so the opposition won bigggg!! the 2-third majority is officially denied... yeah, some say that it was expected... n some say it wasnt.. some are appalled, while some are happily shocked... well, for me, yerp, it shud b dat way...n it shud hav been... but w all those phantom voters and undi pos...., im afraid BN cud win... yeah, n still in terengganu, those things happened. BN didnt expect they wil lose in kedah, penang, perak, n selangor.. so they didnt prepare for that, n kept focusing on winning in terengganu... see what happened?? hm... so now when the opposition conquered 5 states, they want us to admit that SPR was being really fair during GE.. i dont think so, terengganu is the prove!! Well, it shows now.. ppl are changing.. BN forgot that the ppl of Malaysia are not gullible... they thought that by controlling the media n all, they cud fool us... they forgot that we have internet... n most of all, we have our brains to think...! If they keep on w their same manifesto.. i bet they are goin 2 b down.. n down.. n moreee down... and on the next election, they wil b no 'gelombang biru tua' anymor here in malaysia.. yes, that's possible! Anyway, i cant wait to see the brand new cabinet.. n all the 'dasar' insyaAllah totally berlandaskan syariat Islam selaras dengan kemajuan teknologi. Im taking this opportunity to say, Congratulations to all new PAS and PKR leaders... It's time to walk the talk... All the best in ruling the states... and... good luck in being our voices in parliament... Takbirr!!! =)

Friday, March 7, 2008

i heart you

This entire week has been a total election mood week!!! But, I don’t want this to jeopardize my luvly relationship w my megat…. We never talked politics before, so I guess it’s kinda appalling him.. he was so moody when we went for dner a few days I cudnt stop talking about the politic stuffs.. yah, it was my fault… he wanted the small-small talk like we always did… it’s more like… we.. talking about each other… show sum care.. n yada yada… as he came from “soo far” after a hectic day at work.. he juz didn’t expect me to talk about those stuffs.. im soo sory about dat sayang… I felt bad.. bt we are doing good now… I must say… less argument… less misunderstandings… and all I can see n feel now isss more n more love… love is all around me… all around us… alhamdulillahhh…. =) I love being with him… how I wish I cud see his face everyday… I cud talk to him everyday…. How I wish… we r married! Huuhu. How I wish…. Suddenly he calls me, saying… “yang… I’m coming to meminang this weekend w mama n bapak.. and plan our wedding day.. let’s make it next month!”… wow! WOW! Hee =) berangan okey… menyampah!!! Hehe ;) sabar, sabar, amalina…. Hm… he juz called… lately, he has been calling me w the name “cubylina”… hehee.. cute kn?? He loves to see me putting on weight.. (but not too much la, of coz.. sape suke?!) well perasanly, I cud say dat im liking the way I am now… n im gona maintain it.. workin’ out for 1 hour/day, 3 days a week is enough for me… + swimming… n getting healthy foods into my mouth (haha, tough part).. I’ll b in good shape, insyaAllah.. =)

Darling… if u ever asked me the greatest feeling I’ve felt… it was last nite.. when u looked into my eyes, asking “do you luv me?”and me looking into your eyes.. saying, “I really do.. do u luv me?”..and still u didn’t move ur eyes, looking into me saying, “of course, I do love you”… and the smile on your face melts my heart… even now, thinking about it, melts me… I LOVE YOU!

Moment of truth~

So here comes Friday…. Yayyy!!! Well, my country is in the election mood!!! Sadly, im not registered yet. I was a bit late, n they say the registration process takes like 2months.. so memang tak sempat la.. hm.. anyway… me, myself is sooo nervous w d outcome 2moro nite… I want the opposition to win big!! yah, I noe its not goin 2 happen.. bt at least we can deny the two-third majority of the current ruling….!!! Yes, we can do it!!! We have been saying, listening and arguing about many things on corruption, judiciary, racial harmony, equalities and etc... Yeah, while we disagree on few, we agree on most of them... n the general acknowledgment is,, malaysia doesnt practice what it preaches... So once again we are given the opportunity to choose the government we want for the next five years. So guys…. Vote wisely!!! It’s our right to make a difference!!
And and ohh.. can anyone ever tell me how they define DEMOCRACY??? I’m confused now okey.. Every newspapers and the TV channels (including Astro) are controlled solely by BN for their election campaign.... BN said the opposition is spreading lies via the Internet, but how do we know BN spreading only truth via the local media? BN leaders keep demanding the people to show their frustration via ballot box and not via street demonstrations, but now BN is literally threatening the people not to go against BN in the coming election. One of their newspaper advert says: ‘If you don't vote for MIC, then be prepared to pay the price’. This is going overboard man... To educated Malaysians.., as well as me and all of the many of my friends, it's ridiculous if someone vote based on the quantity of party flags or posters displayed... Enough is enough. Enough annoying the people's patience. Enough of misjudging people's intelligence. Please fellow friends…We are not gullible!! Vote for a change.

Monday, March 3, 2008

the weekend story

What was hot last weeknd????? Hm,… I went for a foot spa, saturday noon…. and I planned to make it my monthly regular…. Kewl kn.. I’ve been wearing high heels since I finished form5.. (pretty early, rite?), i think it's about time 2 treat my legs well.. I really need this.. avoiding the lower part of my body to aged older than me myself… huhu.. while me spa-ing, megat was bz…. Golf-ing!! Wowiee.. New interest?? Well,,, I guess so! Boleh la nti bring me to play golf… kn? Kn? Well, well, things at home… kelam kabut jgak, bcuz of the swimming pool renovation…and all.. And owh ohh… ther’s a new bibik working at home nw… named neli… we spell ‘n-e-l-l-y’… hehe… hm… thank goodness!!! Feuwwhh… =) so Sunday was… a day full of happiness… went swimming with my niece, sya, early in d morning… and continued shaping up my body at the gym w my dearest megat… until like 1pm… then we went for lunch w his cousin + gf.. yg suddenly they bumped in each other at one of the traffic lights kt cyberjaya tu… haha,.. boleh plak kn.. so we had our lunch at secret recipe, alamanda… megat and I were starving… maklumla br lepas work out… so, we ordered smething HEAVY.. unlike his cousin + gf… order cake je.. n share plak tu.. diet btul.. anyway, nice noeing them. Both a cutey!! =))
The weekend target tak tercapai lagi.. as we planned so many things to do on Sunday,.. the plan was, workout at the gym, amek sijil kawen, buy stuffs at ikea, shop at klcc, and watch a romantic movie ‘Paris Je Táime’…..(hehe) okie.. so we headed to pusat Bandar damansara to take the sijil.. and yerp, kami sudah ade sijil.. yayyy..! ;) getting married?? hmmm.. so so excited thinkg about it, and talking about it.. but it's not alwiz good to be too eager about things.. i might regret it... so i better keep it 2 myself.. and juz wait... and pray to Allah.. what i long for is always the happiness for me n for him =) and praying that what ever road we both take, it will lead us together... it leads me to him.. and it leads him to me.. ámeeenn.. the good news is... megat's mum has given him a 'green light' for this..... he's so happy about it, i can tell, n i really appreciate that... =)
okey, okey, so sijil dh dpt, then we went straight awayyy to ikea… it was our first time having a shopping spree 2gether at ikea… bcuz ikea kn… selling home stuffs… mcm lebih kpd berangan jgak la kt ikea tu… hehe.. best!! Best!! Keep wondering how will our house look like… hm.. Megat bought a wardrobe.., and a huge lamp.. and a few stuffs lagi.. me, pn ade la sket2… it was actually the second shopping-BIG! for us.. The best thing about us… shopping never let us down… we are always happy when it comes to shopping.. bersyukur sangat having him as my man =) yeah, bukannye senang guys nak cope with gals’ ways of shopping… but he’s cool! =)) then, after quenches of sweat, shopping, hhehe, we went for dner… and he sent me home… so, tak sempat la to movie and klcc… hm.. nextym insyaAllah… all in all, it was a great day… I luv you, for always trying hard to make me the happiest gal on earth… u did it! u always do =)


What a lonely lonely Monday morning… natrah is having a meeting in kl, n halem is on leave… weuhuu… weird, weird.. and awkward… they are all Chinese in this office except me, n our boss, the charming Mr. Ralph. Haha.. he’s very kind-hearted and that has made both halem n natrah felt soo guilty to hand in their resignation letter due to a few setbacks… he’s the BEST so far…I must say… yeah, bcuz this is my very first professional job… n I’ve no one to compare to… but I’ve met ‘bosses’ during practical training, n during my part time jobs… what I can say is… Mr. Ralph here is beyonddd comparison… He juz came to me a few hours ago… handed me the weekend journal – the runway report… okey, so what’s w this… smething to do w our project or anything? Haaha. “for the fashion girl…” he said with a huuuge smile on his face… then I laughed… so he thinks im ‘that kind’… hm…