Tuesday, November 25, 2008

it's a gal thing!

Oh my my..
the project i've been mentioning about is soo delayed!
i'm almost finished w the first one,
but its kinda hard to do the ending...
wondering wat project it is??
well, once i'm finish,
then u'll noe! ;P

wish me luck!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Speed Test

I found this while browsing some other blogs...
this is the best i can do (unfortunately!)
ohh, im such a slow typist!!!

59 words


try to beat me ppl! ;)

it reminds me of you

this sounds funny, but it is soo damn true...

hm, how am i gona start?? being practically 100++ days married to my husband, im still getting used to sleeping in the same bed with sum1.. still getting used to my partner's style of sleeping.. it was juz last night, i realized how similar the situation now is, with the time back when i was in secondary school, where i've been sleeping on the same bed as my very bestfriend for apparently 3 years.. we stayed in this asrama and since both of us was the extremely penakut type, almost evry nite she will came down off her bed (it was a double deck) and jumped into mine.. unless the warden suddenly came for spotcheck then she had to jump up her place back.. n then turun balik ;) the similarity that i suddenly realized was not this one... tapi the one thing that we used to do... which is "borak2 before tido". yerp, i was chatting w him before both of us tido... and at the moment we stopped talking and almost terlena diulit mimpi... dushhh... the remembrance about my memory with her strucked into my head... hehe, mmg style same... borak2 sambil mate terpejam... and i felt funny, and joyous at the same time... isnt it ironic?? in a good way, i mean... how God gave us friends.. and as tym goes by... kawan pon dh not as close as before, since dh kerja n all... and after getting married... rupe2nye..., God grant me w a husband who cud b a very bestfriend too... Oh.. i'm so blessed.. thank you Allah...

and her name is.....

Zati hazira Ismail

i think i miss you, dear... it has been awhile since we did anythng together ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

being the current me.

"you are FAT!" they say...
for God sake u guys,
i am

yes, i am fat... n i produce sweat... heuheu.. the prove is up thr.. those were d photos of me n frenz during cupcakes fiesta at fathiyyah's... hm, what to do, man? i am pregnant. my baby needs food... and i'd practically threw up evrytym i ate smething, i need to feed myself and also the baby back... dats y they keep seeing me eating... being 3months+ pregg, i admit throwing up is definitely very tiring... my throat hurts a lot.. and i really need to experiment d foods coming into my mouth... so korang yg tak pregnant tu... (especially guys! yg mmg confirm xkn preg smpai bebile unless u do smethng 2 urselves.. hoho) dun act like u noe evrythng... dun act like u understand me at all!!! i hate it...!!!! n for now, i wud juz keep eating as it is good for d baby... i'm literally ignoring u ppl for my baby! n when the time comes, i'll prove u... i'll be in shape again. insyaAllah... oh by the way, despite of how i do really miss shopping... deeply in my heart... i, too, really really miss workin' out at the gym... i really miss my workout routine... since i've postponed my membership at california fitness, so tak dpt la pg lagi.. poor huby to hav to go thr alone... tu yg buat liat je die nk pg... heh.. sabar ye syg, nti abesh pantang kite workout sesame lagik k.... ;) so, skrg ni.. my exercises are walking, swimming, and err... toot!! secret, censored! ;PPPP okey la... i juz planned a great OWN home project with Huda! muahsx muahsx! tenks a lot dear! Tak sabar! Nantikan kemunculannye.. ;)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Online Shopping... what say I?

It is alwiz tempting to see all the online boutiques selling pretty nice gorgeous elegent clothes.. but somehow for me, it juz doesnt work.. having this issue conversed w my dear fren, jaja in YM yesterday, who's kinda addicted to online shopping.. until now dh 3 items kot die beli online.. hehe, takde la byk sgt but she's so into online shopink la i must say... yeah, evrythng has its pros n cons.. well for me, online shopping might be OK if we're not buying clothes.. i mean, accessories like belts ke handbags ke, selendang ke, wud be fine la, i guess.. (still not so, for me) but to buy clothes, eventho sumtyms i realy felt like buying, bcuz when the model pkai cantik je kn all the printed tops.. printed dress... yerp, am a big fan of printed stuffs... oh well, i'd rather go shopping the old fashioned way! bcuz i really need to feel good having d dress on... and dat makes me spend quite a period of tym in the fitting room, thnk God i hv a huby who is very penyabar...!!! ;) so dats about on9 shoping... sorry ye online sellers, u wont get my money... unless smething happens, n i suddenly change my mind. who knows, rite? ;P
by the way, it has been awhile since i went shopping u noe... oh gosh, i miss shopping so badly! waa,.. it's all thnx to my pregnancy... at the moment, shopping really has a new definition... hehe... shopping means... buying my needs! heuheu.. unlike the days when i was single... shopping means buying what i want... i used to shop hard! i missed those days i spent in the fitting rooms.., huhu.. but im not sure... will i b cumink back to those days... or things will juz b difren after this... i hope not! well, anyway, i hope whatever happens to me in the future is for my own good... I seriously cant wait for baby stuffs shopping!! at least dat is all matters now.. maternity stuffs shopping sounds appropriate too. oh I so cant wait.... =)

Cuppycakes, yummy!

First, it was at fathiyyah's houz. then, it was me alone, doing it at home. its kind of an addiction... thnx to fathiyyah who was so kind to throw us the first cupcakes fiesta, last two weeks. attended by me, jaja, adek, huda, nas, and ady. total fun. we really got dirty at the kitchen.. ahuks.. my 2nd tym to hang out w frens since being a wife.. the first tym was during mizah's engagement.. bt at dat tym i was so worried bcuz we juz got married and megat had to stay alone at home... hehe, thnk God he was independant enuff to do his own stuff (of course la kn!).. it was juz me worrying too much. tym kt umah fathiyyah ni pule, he planned a futsal gathering w his x-skoolmates, so i lega!! ;) talking about baking cupcakes, the best part is always the decorating part.. sume org pun excited... masing2 menunjukkn kreativiti msg2.. haha, tp biasela, as a first timer, mmg tgn keras la kn... tp best je, we really njoyed our *nasty* designs... hiks... i did a lil smethng for megat, since the next day was our 100th day of marriage. =) he liked it, but then tak sempat nk mkn my two nieces dah habiskn.. aiyoo! those two lil kids were crazy about the buttercream icing... cupcake nye tak mkn pon... nasibaik they got their aunty who is so open to foods currently.. (ehem, menjeling myself!) so i ate them all... ;)

since tak puas designing, decorating and eating the cupcakes.. last wednesday after work, i headed to Yummy bakery (a nearby grocery) and spent almost rm100 to buy my very own baking & decorating equipments and went straight away home and baked the cuppycakes. sgt2 teruja.. kt ofis pon i was thinkg of how im gona design my cupcakes.. hehe.. mmg bersemangat waja la kn... eventho i reached home at 7, sunyi sepi je rumah, no one was at home except for bibik. since ma was away to aussie, ba pon takde la blk awal sgt from the ofis.. amad ade skool trip to terengganu.. so, it was me alone.. bibik was surprised, apesal la aku duk kecah2 kt dapur, pdhal before this blk from ofis i mesti straight away masuk bilik, mandi2 n tgu my huby pulang smbil tgk tv.. haha, lantak la.. mengidam cupcake punye psl... tak sempat habis baking, huby smpai.. i stopped for dner, then sambung dgn dibantu HEBAT oleh huby.. hehe.. proud of you! he was the one doing the stirrings.. smpai lenguh2 tgn?! ;) && of course la decorating... hehe. comeyl. ini antara hasil tgn my huby... ;PP

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Almost done with the updating... pheuhh.. after about 6 months abandoning this blog, thank God.. i'm still here, in a very good health, eventhou this morning sickness im experiencing sumtyms makes me feel at my lowest point.. i really hav to stay positiv about this, for the sake of the baby ;) yeah, its all for you, my lil baby in my tummy... alhamdulillah, having a husband who's very2 supportive, caring, loving.. he never failed to make me feel good eventhou im at my worst... it helps a lot.. thnk you hubby... love it when u touch my tummy.. the warmth in ur touch melts my heart... it makes me stay alive and kickin!! ;) i am now almost 12 weeks pregnant... so hopefuly im all good from my extreme tiredness and nausea... ameen.. sayu hati when evrytym i heard my husband praying, "ya Allah, kau berilah kekuatan utk isteriku dlm menjaga kandungan ini.." it seriously makes me stronger.. =) may Allah bless u, huby... ameen.

So talking about pregnancy, well2, right before i knew dat i was pregnant, me, and a bunch of close friends planned to have an outdoor portraiture together... it was a great but tiring one for me.. we had this guy named MashelmyNizar from CandidSyndrome as our photographer.. who happened to be my hubby's bestfriend during high school. So basically the photographers for our outdoor portraiture were Mas and also my huby as the 2nd photog. hehe. His photos aint bad at all, they were pretty good i must say. congrats huby =) so here goes a few of d photos;

in the photos: Nur Adila, Siti hajar, Siti Nurul Huda, Nasreena, Nur Eleeza, Siti Adirah and me, Amalina Hanisah. We've been friends since 1997.. which is about 11 years ago.. wow! that's quite a long time.. and still hoping that our friendship will lasts forever... we've known each other since we were only 13.. things have really changed now, yeah, we are all grown-ups and.. sume pon dh nk kawen.. starting from me, being the first one to get married... sorry guys, never meant to langkah bendul eventhou im the youngest in terms of birth month.. ;) well, 2 of us, huda and ady are already engaged, n goin to tie the knot early next year.. insyaAllah.. dila's getting engaged this december.. which is nex month! we are so so excited! && jaja, nas and eija are having serious relationships with their loved ones and im sure its gona be just soon till they announce their engagement or smethng.. ;) we are waiting for the good news ppl!! ;)) so that is a lil story about the dearest friends of mine. Since, evryone is, u noe, stepping into a new life soon.. the photoshoot will at least remind us of our youngster years which is very fun, energetic, and wonderful... hee... all in all, the photoshoot was amazing and seeing the outcome, lagi la.. we are xtremely happy...thnx to all... we definityly will make an album for it... for old times sake.. eventho i had a lil bleeding after the photoshoot, thnk God it was juz for about one week, then it stopped... risau jgak awal2 tu.. if anythng happened to the baby.. alhamdulillah after goin 4 a scan, doc said the lil baby is juz normal... fuhh.. we were so relieved.. here's a photo of me n huby b4 the photoshoot session;

dat's all folks!! ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bali Lurve

those are a few photos from the 2000++ amount of pics captured... i'll try to write about the trip when i feel like writing... okie. tq. da~

2008 Edulfitr Open House

Date: 31st October 2008 (the end of raya)
Venue: Home Sweet Home

Thanx kwn2 yg sudi datang... Im glad i was able to throw u guys an OpenHouse, eventhou it was juz a simple one, hopefully it will bring us barakah n make our friendship lasts forever! ameen =) Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

2008 Breakfasting w Friends

For quite some time i havent got the chance to see my dearest frens, finally we managed to gather for a breakfasting last Ramadhan. Since my wedding kot tak jumpe mereka2 ini.. n kebetulan plak, i juz went for a pregnancy test, boleh la i menghebohkn the good news =)) the plan was, evryone of us wil be cumink with their other half.. it was my plan la bcuz tanak la me the only one bringing megat.. konon2nye.. bt then, we've had a change of plan, the mkn2 was during weekdays, so bykla boyfie2 yg takleh dtg... so it ended up.. kami berenam plus my huby n yah's huby... we celebrated yah's belated bday.. && ade goodie bag lagi from mizah.. thnx gal! n thnx all u gals for being my forever friends... love3...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pre Honeymoon 2

Location: Botanical Garden, Bukit Tinggi.
Mood: Honeymoon.

Pre Honeymoon 1

Since we planned to go for our honeymoon after raya (which is approximately 2months after our wedding), it was kind of a stressful feeling to wait for such a celebration. I personally regret the idea of taking quite a long time after the wedding for a honeymoon... we shud rather go 4 a honeymoon right after the wedding!! here's why; after all the enormous amount of sweat-quenching for the wedding preparation, YES, all newly weds seriously need to have a peace of mind! unlike me, i juz took leave for 2 days, and then burhhh, here goes the *workaholic* off to the office.. it was juz not rite.. i dint feel like working at all... huuhu... hubby looked calm, he dint complaint a thing... but i think he juz read my heart, n dat was y he brought me to the Japanese Village in Bukit Tinggi.. it was such a cool place, not far away from home, and it took less than an hour to be thr... we've got the chance to see japanese way of living and even wore their traditional attire.. check out these photos --->

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wedding Casual Photoshoot

it was a very very very fun outdoor portraiture... the photoshoot was basically all around Putrajaya... thanx to the photographers who were so creative in finding such places, which i bet not evry1 cud easily find those spots in Putrajaya.... credits to MukhrizLatif and MashelmyNizar from candidSyndrome. =)