Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Resolutions :)

Here comes 2010. ahaha. this is a bit late. Happy new year everyone! :) yeah like always, almost everybody will list down their new year's resolutions... no? some may want to lose more more morree weight... some may want to gain weight... some may want to get marry... some may want to have baby... some may want to double up their earnings/income... n so many other things... ehem, how about your last year's resolution??? are u sure dat u've completed it all??? :)

i still remember, this time last year, i was sooo pregnant :) and i dun think i have a new year resolution... i was having the time of my life.. no resolutions were needed... hehehe... :p acahh je... mesti la ada... but i believe that by keeping it safe to myself is the best way to accomplish my resolutions.... (cheh, sebnanye takut kalau tak tercapai malu... :p) so yah, the key is to keep it real and of course a burning desire to achieve them. so, good luck everyone!

no, no, im not gona list down my resolutions... its just that... i want to share my obsession with nude colour... love love love...

first, here's my cousin's wedding dress (kawen last two weeks.. congrats dear!).... victorion style in nude colour! classic looking yet very sexy! gotta love it babehh!

owh but actually i've worn a nude coloured kurung moden during my engagement. but of course not as pretty as my cousin's.. but still i love it.. hehe... bought the kain in jakarta at a very low price... me likeyyyy! gambar after the majlis, so very the berminyak... rrr

next, is my soon-to-be-purchased high heels. haha. this is definitely on top of my shopping list. belum beli lagi... tak jumpe yang btul2 berkenan kt shopping mall... obviously mine wont be christian louboutin as the picture below.... unless ade yg nak belanje... ehem2... boleh i nyanyi... im throwin on my louboutin... hikss~ btw, have u heard that song? it's kinda catchy! i loike~

anyway, i already have this one down here.... it was a gift from my ex-bf... tym student agaknye eh?? ngehehe... not bad jugak my ex-bf's taste kn? tp ye la name pn zaman U.. dah lame tu... it's so worn out... i definitely need a new one! ngee jgn salah anggap, my ex-bf is my husband la.. nw sudah husband la kn... :)

and last but not least... its my 2010 go-to look. i've been using mac honeylove lipstick in 2009. it's a nude lipcolour but i think it has this pinkish effect dat i juz realized i dont like... hehe... i want a nude as in nude without any pink-ish or peach-ish tone. its so hard to find. after hours of trying and trying.... tak jmpe jugak the perfect one.. yg brownie nude (like my pump shoe colour)..... but i didnt try other brands... tatau la kot ada... finally, i fell in love with mac satin peach-stock.. still it has that peach tone... but i think it suits me well... compared to the pinkish nude... mayb its becuz of my skintone... medium to dark skintone lagi sesuai wearing peachy based nude lipcolour... see pic below... this is my first day of work in 2010... hehe...

so dat's it! post ni sbnanye to wish my friends yang membaca my blog, HAPPY 2010! and dalam mase yang same merapu pasal my obsession. it's actually to warn u guys that u'll see me with more n moreee nude colours in twenty ten.... hehe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first word

I seldom post an entry during night time.. but im so excited to tell that zara's first word is officially.....


ngeeee.... it started with an AAAAA.... and suddenly there was a loud and clear word... ALLAHH... witnessed by zara's tokba n tok aa... so this is official.. and im so glad... :)

zara's tokba kept wondering that zara's first word will be FACEBOOK.. or TWITTER... or BLOG......... hehe. so i guess this is so unexpected! hee. mommy happy terlebih k!

congratulations zara.. clap clap clap :)
(takde gigi pon boleh consider bercakap ke? hehehe. tak kire la kan, as long as i heard the word perfectly, clearly... hehe sukesuki i laaa)

Ready or Not

Yesterday morning, i received an SMS from hubby saying that one of his schoolmate meninggal dunia. innalillahi wainna ilaihi raji'un... semoga rohnya dicucurkan rahmat dan tergolong antara orang-orang yang beriman.. ameen..
It was a shocking news for me. apetah lagi my hubby and all his schoolmates kan... Eventhou i tak bape kenal, but i bumped into her a few times during college, since dia pn utm juga (faculty electric) n was staying in kolej9 juga. and when megat came for lunch, terjumpa.. he did introduce me to her... a few weeks ago, she just added us on facebook.. and we juz viewed her profile and talked about how cute her daughter is... her daughter dah agak besar tak sure how old... mayb almost two kot or two plus.... and she was pregnant with her second baby... 7 months or so... yeah... hubby said that she had difficulties to breathe time tido.. i was thinking mayb she had asthma or smethng.. tp tatau la kan... dah ajal di usia muda.. yang i terpk tu, perasaan her husband and the daughter yg tak sempat btul2 knal her mother.... sebaknye rasa... since i pn ada family, i did put myself in her shoes... bayangkan.. leaving zara all alone... with hubby... watching them from high above... hmmm... :((( takleh bayang la sbnanye..... alamak bergenang airmata i... noooo! :( tapi semua tu ketentuan Ilahi... dia ada planning yang terbaik untuk kita semua... bila dah sampai masanya... semua orang akan meninggalkan dunia yang fana ini...
the night before we received the news... baru cakap2 pasal nak tukar waris insurans la ape la.. since my insurance ni start frm college tym dulu... i put my parents name as penama.. now kene ada allocation untuk zara la kan... and malam tu, huby pasang yassin e-quran kat laptop cfah plak.... aleh2 the next day ada berita kematian... sape2 yang terbaca post ini, marilah sama2 kita sedekahkan al-fatihah dan bacaan yassin untuk arwah Suhieda Sukiman...
Peringatan untuk kita yang masih hidup: ibadah dah cukup ke?? pastinye tidak untuk saya... dosa yang menggunung tinggi ada... sudah bersediakah kita untuk bertemu dengan-Nya? sesungguhnya bersedia ataupn tidak.... masa kita akan tiba juga.... ajal memang tak mengenal usia....
Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.