Tuesday, February 26, 2008

love booster,,

lastnite... we (me n my bf) had a looong chit chat on the phone... smpai nk tertido2... haha.. (him.. him.. ;P) we talked about stuffs... yah, i miss him so.. i've said this in my previous post, rite? hm.. bt we aint seeing each other yet! padahal xdela jauh sgt... hm, i wonder! ;) so during our telecon, for the first time in my whole relationship w him, i really felt touched w d words coming out from his mouth... he does miss me soo bad! he said, "my monday seems soo gloomy without seeing you on the weeknds... mcm takde semangat je nk buat kerje..." wow! i dnt noe y... i rase sebak hearing him saying dat...and all... i dnt noe y, i juz felt that thr's a kiddy part of him needing really caress him... i can still feel the sweetness in his voice tone.. n dat makes me adore him more n more.. well, honestly, its not easy to make him confess what's he's feeling inside... i noe him... he's such a manly man,,, ape pun pretend to be cool.. bt somehow mayb dah rindu sgt kot... ;P and mayb bcuz it was apparently our first time not meeting up during the weeknds. dat's y.. hm.. thank you sayang... dat's a total love booster for me!! im dying here, missing you.. and glad 2 noe dat u miss me too...