Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it's 2am in the morning

and i am not even close to sleeping. blegh~ how am i supposed to handle this? i juz slept around 11pm, n the baby woke me up.. i thought it was already 4 ke.. rupenye br 2am??? omg.. will it be like this until my labor? huwarggg.. i noe, i noe, it's a practice so that kite boleh cope tym baby lahir nti.. need to bangun tgh2 mlm n all.... but,.. i'm just not used to it yet!
our little baby sayang... its not dat im merungut about u k, dun get me wrong n jgn merajuk lagi like the other day when i asked daddy to make u stop treating my tummy as a dancing mat... mommy n daddy were so worried, u din even move a little... rupenye u are on ur way to the next level of ur development stage.. sibaik u did move when daddy started pujuk2 talking to you... amboi2, anak mommy n daddy ni dlm perut lagi dh pndai create attention. lately this lil baby sgt gemar stretching, n stay stretching at the same position without moving for quite a long period of tym... memule risau, but then setelah bertanye-tanye, n bace2.. rupenye its jus normal ujung2 pregnancy ni.. huwoh! takpe la baby syg, u do whatever u want, as long as u r healthy.. i dun mind the 'senak perut'.. huhu..
okey la, mommy needs to get some sleep. esok kerja! huwarghh!! eventhou yeh, i dun noe how, since thr's no such thing as comfortable sleeping position anymor, and yes, nothing works now.. td kul11 pn i need to like zikir byk2 kali smpai tertido sendiri... n now cfah ckp istighfar pulak smpai juta2 kali smpai tertido... i'll do it.. insyaAllah ;) oh btw, daddy cut his hair short, nti i'll upload his photo, hehe, kalau die kasik la, hee, kalau tak kasik pn upload je senyap2! and some updates on last weekend activities, later!
nite2 huby (sorry if the cahaya laptop wakes u up), nite2 baby, tido k! esok bgn same2 ngn mommy skali! nite everyone! :)


senioritasara said...

kecian...ull sleep fine after this.when dia dah less movements.but xnyenyak jugak klo fikir dia ok ke starts from more freedom yaaaa

Anonymous said...

yeahhh amal. lepas ni ur sleep will be fine ok. dun worry.

be a gud mommy ye.

kak jija

Amalina Hanisah said...

now dh less movement dh kasara. its juz dat the senak perut yg i tak thn n tak selesa. rase mcm kene tido berdiri.. huwaaa.. it starts from now, n its unstoppable.. weee.. juz need to deal with it!! :)

Anonymous said...


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