Thursday, November 12, 2009

Move Your Butt

eeeeeee... tension dgn diri sendiri.

ape perasaan korang if suami korang kate..

"yang, ayang dah gemuk la abang tengok"
"yang, buncitnyee perut ayang"

sedih tak? sedih tak? huhu. of course la sedih kan.
i've been neglecting my workout routine and food consuming ever since hari raya yg lepas. ee. n now baru tersedar setelah dibuai mimpi indah menikmati makanan yg super duper sedap kt malaysia ni.. haiyaaaaa.. camane ni?? risau sgt sgt sgt. smlm i just ate keropok losong (lekor terengganu) yg my dad beli sbyk 6 batang.......... huwaaa.. i felt so guilty now.... isk! dh la i tgk kt dlm fridge macam byk je lagii.. iskkk... horror kn? it's all about disciplining ourselves, kan kan?? semua orang tau... but to do it??? oh please..... make me feel good for once... and tolong bagi kate kate semangat for me to shape up my body! i dont want to end up hearing those frigginn words from my hubby (especially) huuuu... :( i mean bukan la sebab tu je... it's for my self esteem too. i want to be healthy, and eating dat amount of keropok lekor obviously doesnt make me healthy at all... knape keropok lekor sedap?? geram geram. tak puas hati. huhu.
hee. membebelnye saya. see, so this is the advantage of having my own blog, boleh membebel sesuke hati.. and.. I want to officially pledge here, that I wont skip my workout routine anymore... setelah sekian lama treadmill macam jadi perhiasan je kt umah ni... bape lame eh? more than 1 month...? almost 2 months i think. syiannn....
now hubby and I will take turn to workout. workout dua hari sekali. tym I workout, hubby will look after zara, n vice versa. and I'll consistently do my pilates. on monday i did pilates, lawak bcuz for the first time hubby buang tebiat nk join... u see, it's tough.. men cant really bend their body like women... haha. *oops sory huby jgn marah i cite* n then the next day, huby said to me... "yang, terasa sengal la kt abs area ni, buat selalu boleh six pack ni". pilates is very challenging... but u can see results if u do it regularly, bak kata denise austin.
pilates, anyone????
oh yes, i forgot, i nak share this with all readers :
8 healthy foods to consume;
  • eggs - for weight loss. of course not fried eggs. half-boiled is good. hubby's kind of breakfast.
  • green tea - for longer life span. green tea always helps me to feel good again after eating a whole lot of food. hee. no sugar please.
  • garlic - for cardiovascular strengthening. salu dlm cooking je kn? or jeruk garlic? hohehohe.
  • grapefruit - for weight loss. my mom takes this everyday. and i like it too!
  • yogurt - it helps you feel fuller for longer.. bt mind you, preferebly plain yogurt.. bcuz yg fruit added to slalunye ade sugar. so better we buy our own fruits like honey dew ke, strawberi ke, kiwi fruit ke... then top it w plain yogurt.. yummy!
  • avocado - reduce risk of heart disease. bagus but havent tried yet.
  • bell peppers - to improve immune function. ade dlm pizza pn salu buang. im not a fan! huhu.
  • almonds - to improve memory... and some say that it helps to cure snoaring problem... i duno, bt i love almonds.. makan saje pn okey ye!


hm... and i found an article saying that there are foods that we thought are healthy bt actually they aren't... tapi dah ilang i duno wer did i save it.. huhu... it includes canned fruit ada tulis "reduced fat", so called "healthy snack" like popcorn, herbal beverages, and cold cut sandwich mcm yg kt dunkin donuts tu.. aiyaa. ilang la.. nti i cari if ada masa. hee.. well, the bottom line is, we just need to eat moderately.. and jangan terlampau mengikut nafsu.. its not only about having a great body, but also a great health.. so that boleh terus berjasa kepada agama bangsa dan negara. thank you.


okey la itu saja for now. and oh ye, 8 healthy foods di atas telah dipetik from an article forwarded by this person:-
hehehe. tym huby mude2 kt utm dulu... encemnye berpakaian sebegitu. bukannye senang nk tgk, once in a blue moon sajaa :p


Lea Shmea said...

i think u have to think like this: it's only keropok lekor. not anything luxury mcm cheese cake or caviar. bila2 masa bole mkn. :)

saya nora said...

yep,betul tu lea..hehe,pandai je i nak ckp camtu kan,padahal i pon susah nak control mkn,tu yg badan tak turun2 lagi ;p dont worry amal,u r not alone (but to me,u look slim ok.jeles..) also trying to reduce weight =) together we strive for it k!

Amalina Hanisah said...

Lea: bcuz it is cheap and easy to get lagi la i tend to like makan sesuka hati!!! huwa huwa huwa... if it is cheese cake, mkn skali skale, so takpe.. heheheh.. caviar fattening ke babe? but that is indeed one luxurious food. heh.

Syikin: yeahh! together we strive for it!! c'mon c'mon we can do it! we are highly motivated mommiess!! hehe... *semangat kejap*