Friday, February 12, 2010

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Administrative Manager
Successful managers are very self-disciplined, intelligent, responsible and presentable people. You would need to be positive, enthusiastic, have good leadership skills, get on well with people, be firm but just and have the ability and perseverance to try and help the company achieve their goals. If you were able to motivate people and make them feel that they are an important cog in the business wheel, you would be a good example to them. Too many people in top positions do not trouble to become acquainted with their staff or understand their problems. No-one would expect you to solve all the problems but if the employees knew that management was trying their best to make life for everyone in the company as profitable, productive and enjoyable as possible, they would be much more likely to concentrate on doing their best. Every worker in a business is given a specific task or tasks to do by the manager who does the planning, co-ordinating and organising of activities to reach the required goals and you would be the one to give orders and exercise control over the entire process.
As an Administrative Manager, your tasks would include the following:
Responsibility for the overall work performance of a company.
Management of office environment.
Gathering, adapting, storing and distributing information within the company.
Using information systems.
Providing specialised support to other departments and managers.
Providing document and telecommunication management.
Planning, organising, providing leadership and controlling all administrative functions.
Managing quality and cost control.
Rendering a service to other functions within the organisation.
Providing training and development for your own staff.
Managing the many fields of work which the employees carry out.
Ensuring that human and material resources are correctly utilised.
Meeting with other members of management and planning for the future.
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