Tuesday, July 26, 2011

44 days

Alhamdulillah... Dah cukup 44hari saya berpantang :) ya I know I know... Before habis pantang pon dah keluar2 and kerja2... And shooting2... Huhuhu... Tapi perasaan officially habis pantang adalah the best feeling ever! Honestly, this time around, I betul2 pantang for 30days... Makan lauk pantang, tak keluar rumah, pakai bengkung ikat, Mandi air lulur n etc. But after 30days dah relax sket... Maybe dah rase berani kot anak kedua ni...

Dan dengan cecahnye 44days... It's time for me to start my slimming regime... By eating healthy and working out! Alhamdulillah dah pun start...

To share with my readers, this is a simple homemade drink that can make you feel full for a long time... Boleh buat time breakfast and boleh jugak substitute this drink with dinner if anda nak kurus!! Hehe.

Namenye banana smoothie! Senang je. Campurkan sebiji pisang, 2 tablespoon oatmeal, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 cup of fresh milk. Blend kan.... Hmm dah pun siap.... Nyummmmm! Silalah Cuba, memang sedap... Especially for those yg tak brape suke makan oatmeal begitu saja, anda juga boleh dpt khasiat dr oatmeal. Cube, jangan tak cube! :)

Sempena penghabisan pantang, hubby gave me theseeeee...

It's one of those Nike plus running shoes that I really really want to have one! Yayyy! Sgt2 teruja k... And mmg tak sabar2 nak workout, and both of us mmg sgt sgt teringin to join those marathons... But need to do lotsa practice... So belum ready. InsyaAllah one day :)

So we did our first slow jog yesterday afternoon. And discovered more cool stuffs, using nike plus with iPhone :)
It was a solid 3.5km slow jog... And all I can say is I'm so proud of myself... Because it has been awhile, and I doubted myself whether I can do it or not... But alhamdulillah hubby was such a great coach.

It's because of him that I managed to finish the targeted distance. Thumbs up to hubby! Yayyy! InsyaAllah will improve from time to time... :) thank you so much hubby for the most expensive running shoes I ever had. Hehe. Really appreciate it, and definitely will fully utilize it. Muahx!

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abby zailan said...

wahhh thnks resepi 2 hehehe
body kak amal still nmpk cntik even blm abis shaping body lg :)

Fairuz Liyana Azman said... yummy...
nnt nk try la k.amal...hihihi thx for the recipe