Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Goes On

CAMWHORE: dah lama tak!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Apparently a Success

So the day after, we went to mamadila's house again...

Alhamdulillah zara nmpk ngam je dgn mamadila... :)

See ya next week babe!!!! This time it's for real....
Plus... I have some goodnews... Will update later..


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a day

heya people!

how are your holidays? mine is until tomorrow and its wonderful so far! yeay!!!
oh yes, as stated in my previous entry, i'll be leaving my current company...
I just sent my resignation letter last week, and it's a 2week notice...

i'll be starting my new job, this 1st of March... with flexible hours, and better salary.
insyaAllah... please do pray for me ya ppl! i'm so excited :)

today, i brought zara to mamadila's house. oh yes, i guess i havent told u guys, the maid (nelly) is going back to indonesia, as she almost completed her 2-year contract... well, its bad news for me since zara is totally attached to her, and it's kinda hard to introduce zara to a new caregiver. insyaAllah she'll be back in 3-4 weeks time. well of course it depends on her immigration obligations watsoever... so, who knows... eventhough the maid convinced us, dat she really wants to come back and work with us... we'll see...

back to mamadila's story.....who is a close friend of mine, currently 4-months pregnant and a housewife.. she's my best option so far! so i told her everything, and thank goodness she agreed to look after zara while the bibik is on leave (for 3 weeks or so) starting end of this month.

we went to her house early this morning.... and I introduced zara to her... let zara mingled around and get used to the new environment... it wasnt that easy at first... but after awhile it gets better... i'd say, the mission is 65% accomplished. while her separation anxiety is at its peak, i personally think that towards the end the bonding session went pretty well. agree with me dila? hehehehe.... alrighty, better luck tomorrow! c ya!

let's hit the bed daddy sayang n baby darling! another big day tomorrow! :)

toodles! n sweetdreams!

Friday, February 12, 2010

This is basically it

Administrative Manager
Successful managers are very self-disciplined, intelligent, responsible and presentable people. You would need to be positive, enthusiastic, have good leadership skills, get on well with people, be firm but just and have the ability and perseverance to try and help the company achieve their goals. If you were able to motivate people and make them feel that they are an important cog in the business wheel, you would be a good example to them. Too many people in top positions do not trouble to become acquainted with their staff or understand their problems. No-one would expect you to solve all the problems but if the employees knew that management was trying their best to make life for everyone in the company as profitable, productive and enjoyable as possible, they would be much more likely to concentrate on doing their best. Every worker in a business is given a specific task or tasks to do by the manager who does the planning, co-ordinating and organising of activities to reach the required goals and you would be the one to give orders and exercise control over the entire process.
As an Administrative Manager, your tasks would include the following:
Responsibility for the overall work performance of a company.
Management of office environment.
Gathering, adapting, storing and distributing information within the company.
Using information systems.
Providing specialised support to other departments and managers.
Providing document and telecommunication management.
Planning, organising, providing leadership and controlling all administrative functions.
Managing quality and cost control.
Rendering a service to other functions within the organisation.
Providing training and development for your own staff.
Managing the many fields of work which the employees carry out.
Ensuring that human and material resources are correctly utilised.
Meeting with other members of management and planning for the future.
p/s: bye! bye! Johnson Pump!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9 months old zara darling baby

happy 9 months old my darling puteri zara adeena!

Yes, it has been 9months since I received the gift on that faithful day....

Now watching each day as zara grows.... the changing of features from head to toe, the smiles and giggles that make her glow.... and the way she lets her spirit show.... I cudnt be happier sayang!

I'll make a promise to you again my dear baby, the promise i've been telling you from the very beginning... to raise you the best that I know...

You are my angel!


Monday, February 8, 2010

is it about time for me?

buat mereka yang merindui zara and mommy... hhehehe...

Hye all. dah sebulan i tak update. im just plain busy i guess. how are u guys doing? im in the verge of entering a huge change in my life. to be honest, i believe that i have golden handcuffs, but im so stuck with my current job.... so here i found smething useful for me,.. or maybe you... who is also experiencing the same thing as me... it's from

i petik the whole article.... kindly read :)

article starts........

These are the top ten reason why you might want to quit your current job.... These are difficult, if not impossible, work problems to solve. You need to look out for your best interests. Your job consumes too many hours of too many days of your life for you to stay where you are if you're miserable. No excuses, now. If these problems exist in your current job, make a plan, and quit your job.

1) Your company is experiencing a downward spiral, losing customers, losing money, and rumors of possible closure, bankruptcy and failure prevail.

2) Your relationship with your manager is damaged beyond repair. You have sought help to mend the relationship but you know it is too damaged for recovery. (Perhaps you were untrustworthy, missed work on too many days, or the manager acts like an untrustworthy jerk.) Whatever the reason, the relationship is irrecoverably damaged.

3) Your life situation has changed. Perhaps you have married or had a baby, and the salary and benefits no longer support your life needs. You need to move on to better opportunities to support your family.

4) Your values are at odds with the corporate culture. Perhaps your company is egalitarian and you believe in assigned parking spots for salaried employees. Your company does annual employee satisfaction surveys and you think these are a waste of time. Your company is hierarchical and you want to influence every aspect of your job. No matter where the clash is occurring, a lack of congruence with the corporate culture will destroy your attitude at work.

5) You've stopped having fun and enjoying your job. No matter what changed, when you dread going to work in the morning, it's time to quit your job.

6) Your company is ethically challenged. Perhaps the managers lie to customers about the quality of the products or the day on which the product will ship. You become aware that the company is stealing information from competitors. Whatever the issue, don't stay in an organization where your ethics are out of sync.

7) For whatever reason, you have behaved in ways that are considered improper at work. You've missed too many days of work, slacked off on the job, failed to maintain needed skills, and / or just generally developed the reputation of a loser. That reputation, once earned, is unlikely to change; you might as well quit your job, while you have the opportunity.

8) You've burned your bridges with your coworkers. Your group is not getting along in an environment that requires people to work together well. Again, at some point, the reasons don't matter; start fresh in a new job and resolve to not let this situation happen again.

9) Your stress level is so high at work that it is affecting your physical or mental health and your relationships with your friends and family. Watch for the signs of burnout and if they can't be cured, move on.

10) And the top ten reason to quit your job? You are unchallenged, need more responsibility, and seek opportunities that just don't exist for you in your current organization. You've explored the current and potential options, and they are limited. It's time to quit your job.

....end of article!

see, it says,

"Your job consumes too many hours of too many days of your life for you to stay where you are if you're miserable"

yes, now im so MISERABLE! huhu.

and yeah, more than 3 of above reasons have somethg to do with me n my current job....

okey that was my first time reading through... after reading it again... there are more than 5...


it's about time, kan?